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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday's List

Insane day.  
  • We laughed so hard we cried today because of someone on the other end of the phone.  A bit ridiculous and very obvious someone who was either playing a joke on us or didn't understand that we were on to him and knew that he was basically trying to "pull the wool over our eyes" so to speak.
  • My first online order arrived today (actually two boxes came) so that's exciting.  I am worse than the kids on Christmas when I open stuff that I order.  I have had a couple of things shipped directly to my parents house since that's where we will be for Christmas so it will be fun to see that stuff too.
  • Yummy dinner today- a winter staple- baked chicken and rice pilaf- great cause you warm the oven up and it heats the house
  • Acupuncture is always a good time
  • the outside cat (who belongs to our neighbors) is currently curled up on my porch on top of a pillow that hubby put out there for him, with a blanket laying over top of him so that he doesn't freeze- unfortunately we can't let him in because he doesn't play nice with my four other cats
  • New electrical outlets are being installed by hubby and my father in law this weekend...means I can use the treadmill and the freezer....I am very excited by this development
  • It is cold enough to get out scarves and mittens and while I hate the cold- I do love scarves and mittens.
  • It's almost Friday- which means a myriad of different things- work week is almost over, project is almost done, almost time for a day to sleep in without an alarm clock waking me up and chinese food friday
I am slowly pulling myself out of the slump I have been in.  Work is going to calm down a bit after tomorrow which will be good...and Christmas is coming, which really as much as I complain about it- I do love this season.  The joy and good will that is out there in the world, people holding open doors for you, smiling and saying happy holidays, sipping hot cocoa, knowing that I am going to get to see my family in a few short weeks, Christmas music, seeing Santa in the mall, the smell of gingerbread, mulling spices and cranberry.  Everything sparkles this time of year.  I wish I could catch the air and put it in a bottle and whenever I need a pick me up, uncork it and breathe it in.  Life is really quite good right now- especially when I can wake up and look beyond the stress, take a deep breath, battle away the worry and just enjoy the moment.


  1. A very positive post today and so glad you are feeling good about life and the times. Hope your friday is awesome.

  2. this post made me smile. The chicken dish sounds yummy

  3. With such a good attitude, you will always be on top!

  4. the chicken dish is one of my favs this time of year, too. i had it first as "cornish game hens" with the rice pilaf. yum yum yum.

    great on the outlets!

  5. I'm so sorry to see you've been feeling down :(
    I swear it is going around!

    I'm so glad to see you are feeling better though, and with your attitude, it will only get better and better :)

    I LOVE that even though you hate the cold, you love scarves and mittens :) That really made me smile.


  6. Great post....I hope the outside cat's feeling better now, and that you are having an amazing weekend...