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Monday, January 30, 2012

I fought a good fight...

Last night my nemisis won.
It was a valiant fight
At one point I thought that I had the upper hand
My knight in shining armor tried
Thought he fixed it.
Alas, he didn't.
My mom was involved over the phone
Tense words were exchanged.
I yelled,
Tried to coax,
Tried to sweet talk,
nothing worked.

I know when to concede defeat.  The fur shawl I was trying to make is not meant to be apparently.  
Time to be creative...
Anyone know where the duct tape is??
Have a good Monday :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reason number 999 I love my husband

Today was a very long day.
You see prior to today I had yet to find a dress for my meeting this week..
My husband, the trooper that he is, woke up this morning and told me we were going to go find a dress.
We went to a bunch of stores by the house and found nothing...
so we drove down to where I work and looked there...
With a detour to Cabella's he was happy doing this for me...
He helped me pick out jewelry at one place, even though I didn't have a dress yet that I was sure I was going to wear...and then..
There was one store that we didn't check out and I was defeated because I couldn't find anything that I liked.
He said, we are here we may as well go to David's Bridal.
I admit, I was a bit of a brat and pretty bummed that I couldn't find anything and I said I didn't want to go.
He was adamant.
He did what no other man in his right mind would do..
He went into David's Bridal the week after the major bridal show in town, BY HIMSELF to find me a dress.
He picked out three and called me to come into the store.
Now I will admit that I didn't want to.
I went in and the amount of people in the store made me want to go running out.
He insisted that I try on these dresses.
Low and behold...he found the perfect dress.
Not too expensive and it fit very well.
It is not one that I would have picked out for myself...
I would have gone running from the store without a moment's hesitation
But he insisted that I try them on
He did disappear when I went into the dressing room
But a quick text message that I needed him and he came back...
I had picked out a couple more dresses and he watched me try them on...
This is the one that he picked
Excuse the picture and the black socks

Then, he said this would look great with gloves and we were off again...
We went to two different stores to find gloves...one a store that I don't think either one of us had ever been into before..one of those teeny bopper stores and the party store..
He then drove home and went to the mall up here for the second time today so that I could go into Claire's to see if they had gloves.
There was a slight detour because CJ Banks was having a sale where I scored an amazing jacket for $6.99 
He came into Claire's, helped me pick out a necklace and gloves.
When we got home he insisted that I try everything on together so that he could see the whole look together and determine whether or not I was going to need anything else.
We did decide that I should make a fake fur stole to go with it...since it is winter in New England and it is supposed to be cold next week.
He is amazing....
I know that he is amazing..but today reminded me of the lengths that he is willing to go to make sure that I am happy...it may seem like a silly thing to be stressed about the right dress to wear, but this meeting is kind of a big deal and I was really bummed that the initial dress that I ordered online wasn't at all what I wanted...like it or not, you have to be able to walk the walk when you are presented with the opportunity to have face time with the higher ups in the corporate world and I know that I can rock this dress.
He is my rock...
he is my love 
He totally gets me and shows in ways that sometimes I am not sure I am worthy of...
His response tonight when I thanked him was that he was happy that I was happy and that we got to spend the whole day together just having fun...blowing off all the "adult" things that needed to get done...
I hope that this finds you all enjoying your weekend....sending out love and lots of hugs to you all!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday's List

Tonight is an alone night...
As I mentioned in my last rambling post, winter weather has started to rear it's head and it will be back tomorrow...
About four inches of snow and then ice and then rain...and of course it is supposed to snow tonight til about 4am and then switch over to ice...
This means that we start to make the hard decisions about going home and driving in the morning or spending the  night in a hotel..
Tonight was a hotel night..
Unfortunately, hubby was not able to join me...
As much as I would like him to come down and spend the night...
I am also kinda excited to have a nice, quiet, low key night by myself.  
I have my computer, just ordered dinner to be delivered and I don't have to share this king size bed...
Best thing, there is only one turn to get to work which is less than a mile a way...
So I am sitting in a hotel room tonight, will be enjoying pizza with what I want to have on it without feeling guilty, watching what I want on tv with no one to entertain tonight...
You all know that I love my husband...but I think I have been craving some alone time..
I hope that you are doing well.  
Hugs and love to everyone!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Just some random thoughts for tonight...
Winter decided to poke it's head out last week and dumped a bunch of snow...
It was really cold all weekend..
today it was 51 degrees at lunch time...
Strange weather...

I am not watching the president speak tonight...
I don't want to talk politics on this blog...
I respect everyone's opinions, even when they don't agree with mine...
I am sick of the campaigning already and we have 10 more months of this..ugh

We leave for Mexico in 66 days...
Margaritas, sun and sand....

Heating oil just keeps getting more expensive..
We have to switch over our furnace ASAP..
Waiting on two more things before that can happen...
but really $450 a month kills me

Work is work..
It pays the bills

I have not gotten out the paintbrushes and canvas quite yet
I am one step closer...but just haven't taken the leap yet..
I must get the backsplash done in my kitchen first
I have everything that I need...just need the motivation..
maybe this weekend.

I am going away for two days next week for work...
I am sure that we will get winter weather because we will be traveling on a bus..

Yummy pot roast tonight for dinner..
Hubby put it on this morning..
I really do love that man most of the time :)

The night was clear tonight...
I saw a shooting star and my wish was for peace for all of you.
Love,hugs and good wishes to each of you!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rocket Science- Part two

I posted this yesterday and pulled it down this morning because I didn't feel like it was fair. Today was a bit better....I think part of my frustration is that I depend on other people to do essential parts of the process that allows me to follow through on what I offer to customers....and it can be pretty frustrating.
I am off tomorrow...needed a bit of a mental health day...so I am excited about a day of doing pretty much nothing.
I have ordered a dress for the meeting in a couple of weeks...i will show pics if I like it.  It is not one of the ones that I showed you all :) Now I get to move on to accessories- which are WAY more fun!
Hope you all have a good night. Hugs and love!

Ever have one of those days...
When you feel like everything you are asking of someone is rocket science.
That was my day today.
I apparently was not only asking for rocket science but asking for it in some ancient language that is no longer spoken by anyone except for me.
no matter how many times the words please and thank you were spoken
No matter how hard I tried to temper my requests
No matter how many smiley faces were put at the end of requests
It was rocket science
I am finding it difficult to believe that efficiencies are going to achieved to the levels that they need to be in order to be able to meet new goals when not everyone is on board with working more efficiently.
I don't know how to fix it or make it better right now.
My smile today is my kitties who are all curled up keeping my feet warm right now waiting for hubby to get home..
I hope you are all well..hugs and love to each of you!
**In no way, shape or form is what I do rocket science

Monday, January 16, 2012

Best Intentions

It was a long weekend with the best of intentions after winter reared it's ugly head last week.
We spent two days by my office in a hotel which was quite lovely...but we were both ready to get home.
I was out of work early on friday and planned on getting out and looking for a dress for our sales meeting at the end of the month...
I went to goodwill in the sleet and freezing rain and didn't find a thing....
There was a list of other stuff I was supposed to go get that I decided could wait and I came home..
and have been here all weekend....snuggled up in my pj's with my hubby and my cats...
watching old movies on netflix
making comfort foods...
I haven't moved all weekend....
and today was a bonus day off....I was going to clean.
Nope, didn't happen.
It was an incredibly unproductive weekend....
I am going back to work tomorrow...
having accomplished nothing, except for relaxing...
sounds good to me :)
Hugs and love to you all....I hope that you had a chance to take a break from your crazy lives to take five minutes (or hours like me) and just relax.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

One of my favorite quotes

I can't source it because someone posted on facebook without a source- but one of my favs. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Something Creative

I am in the mood to do something creative...
I am inspired by so many who create that I read every day.
I secretly love to play with paint...whether on my walls or canvas.
I love the texture and the "squishiness" of putting paint on a canvas.
I love getting lost in the creation
I love the minutes or hours that it allows me to just be...
I may pull out the paints and the canvas I have tucked away. 
The problem is that it is not good art...and quite frankly although I love the creation part of it...I look at what I create and realize that is not where my talent lies....which is just frustrating...
It is sometimes an interesting dilemia-
I am inspired by you who create and who pour your passion into a canvas. 
I am inspired by your color and your grittiness.
I need to create- in some way very soon. 
It is always interesting if nothing else!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Still here...

It was brought to my attention through several emails today that I haven't posted.
I really haven't had anything positive to say...and like my mom always used to tell me...if you don't have anything nice to say....well you know the rest.
Back to the grind last week and normal frustrations with that just got the best of me...
so much so that we have considered going to Iceland...
No really, I found a great deal to go to Iceland for a long weekend...
It was tempting...still is as the tour that I was looking at included glacier hiking and a trip to see the northern lights...both of which are on my bucket list.
We aren't going....hubby's truck needed to be fixed and honestly I am not sure that four days would have been enough...but now I know that it's a three hour plane ride and may get moved up on my list of places the for.
It has been a low key weekend this weekend...which is nice...
Gave the kitties a bath- so now they smell pretty...are mostly over the trauma and are snuggly again....
I am still looking for that perfect dress for the meeting at the end of the month.
That's about it...know that I am still reading and commenting when I can...I think of you all often and wish you love and peace...
Hugs to you all...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First post of 2012

and isn't it supposed to be epic??
I have opened this window more times than I can count and I got a whole lot of nothing...
It's a new year and yet it feels deceptively familiar.
The post holiday blahs have set in around here..
Lots to smile about over the holidays and somehow the week after just feels like you ate too much turkey and are completely stuffed on the couch and can't move..
Work is work...lots of changes again....we are still waiting for them to all unfold.  Should be interesting..
Hubby and I are the proud new owners of a brand new washer and dryer that were delivered and installed on Tuesday....very exciting...it makes me feel all grown up...weird how the purchase of a washer and dryer makes me feel far more grown up than owning a house...
New Year's was nice and quiet at our house....we hung out for the weekend which was nice....
There is no snow yet...although it was freezing this morning....
Okay...not an epic post...more one to say Hi, I'm still here and mulling things over in my head for an epic post...at some point...
Hugs and lots of love to all of you