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Trying to remember that there is always a reason, always something that makes you smile during the day- recognizing the event, person or situation that made you smile will make your day seem that much better.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

End of another month

and I can hardly believe that it is August already...
I am not really sure where this year has gone.
I am excited for August.
I get to see my grandparents this weekend..
And my mom and dad...
A wedding reception that promises to be a little fun..
as long as we can get past the craziness.
Then a weekend off..
friends here the following weekend..
And then a long weekend trip away for our anniversary...
In a blink this month will be over too..
Another month of goals..
both personal and professional to be accomplished
Another month of smiles
Another month of Laughter...
A month of fairs and hot air balloon festivals.
August is always my favorite month..
the summer is coming to an end
hopefully cooler nights while the warmth stays during the day.
Lots to accomplish..
Lots to look forward to..
Can't wait to share the smiles!!
Hope you are all doing well and know that there are positive thoughts and well wishes on the back of the warm summer breezes tickling your toes from my corner of the world to yours!
hugs and love!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursdays Smiles

It has been a crazy week...work is nuts, home is nuts...but..
I was able to make a friend of mine smile today with a surprise delivery...that always makes me smile (and I was able to keep it a secret..which honestly was really really hard to do...I almost caved this morning in an email but instead obsessively checked the fed ex site to see where the package was..)
Hubby put up the lights in the hallway and outside (finally) I love them and would keep them on all night if he didn't get upset with me.
I get to see my parents and my grandparents next weekend at a wedding...I am pretty excited..but this is also causing me huge stress because I am being a brat and am upset with my hubby.  He was supposed to come with me and isn't coming...I hate going to weddings without him.
Today's is my sister's birthday.  We may not always see eye to eye but I love her and hope she's having a good day.
Tomorrow is my dad's birthday.  He is with my mom at her mother's house doing maintenance for my grandmother's 80th birthday present.  He's a trooper.
That's about it in this corner of the world.  I hope you are all doing well...hugs and positive thoughts today and always!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Home improvement

63 days...
It's been a long time coming...but I finally have lights.

The new outside light....
Light in my foyer

We haven't had light in the foyer in a long time..
The fix, which was supposed to be easy...and of course wasn't
Involved rewiring the entire downstairs ceiling...
It resulted in light switches and a new dining room light that I showed you a few weeks ago.
The foyer light has been a tricky one...
Mostly finding the time to install..
but hubby surprised me tonight and had them done when i came home...
I love this man...when he gets things done and even when he doesn't!

Friday, July 20, 2012


Can you imagine the excitement?
Going out to a movie at midnight with your friends
Seeing a movie that you have been waiting for since you knew it was coming out
Talking about getting dressed up in costume
Surrounded by like minded people who you share a camaraderie with because of your shared interest in Gotham City?
Buying popcorn and candy ( or finding the best hiding spot on your costume)
Showing up hours before the movie is supposed to start to make sure you get the perfect seat.
Giddy and excited you make it through the previews and you know this is going to be the best one yet.
everything changes
Instead of the carefree night you were planning
All of a sudden real bullets rain down and you are running for your life.
Watching those around you lose theirs
Wondering if you are next.
I cannot begin to imagine what those people in Colorado are feeling or thinking today.
As a nation we are shocked.
As a nation we should be sick to our stomachs
This wasn't some random act of terrorism by someone who invaded our country from some other land
Who kill in the name of their higher power.
This was a young adult who did something incomprehensible.
Hearing the horror of the evening unfold,
watching the videos and news stories
Reading as new development arise
Twitter and facebook both full of conversation about this.
Don't we all have enough monsters in our own closets that we worry about sneaking up behind us?
Isn't there enough to worry about when you go out?
Do we now have to look around at every movie theater?
Watch every exit?
The boogy man is out there...apparently we really never know when it's going to strike.
My heartfelt sorrow and hopes for peace extend beyond just my blogging family tonight to all of those effected by the horrible tragedy that unfolded last night.  May the night bring some small amount of solace and peace.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursdays Smiles

Wow..it's been a week since I posted last.
I had a challenge for myself this month but I have not met the challenge (much easier to admit that after without putting it out there for everyone to see my failure :)
I will try to do better next month.
Things have been insane..
but there have been moments of smiles..
Compliments from customers
Recognition from coworkers
Hubby taking on scheduling our anniversary trip and me offering suggestions and stepping back (I am a bit of a control freak sometimes)
My kitties have been snuggly.
The humidity finally broke and I walked outside this morning and it was sixty nine degrees.  it was glorious!!
And lastly I will leave you with a picture....We had our first lobster of the season this week!! Seriously at $3.99 a pound it's cheaper than steak and fresh off the boat!

I hope that you are all doing well....sending hugs and lots of smiles your way tonight and always!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Last week I decided to take my days off and head up north to see my nephews and sister in law.
We laughed..
The kids belly laughs, giggles and smiles helped to soothe the hurt I was feeling.
The margaritas and the giggles with my sister in law reminded me sometimes it's just easier to laugh about it then to take things so seriously.
Hubby came up on Friday night..
We had a great time..
This was one of the first times that I have ever gone up there and felt comfortable..
It was a nice feeling...and helped me work through some stuff.
Other than that...a lot of work...
I hope that you are all doing well...sending hugs and lots of love!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Quiet Day Today

Hubby and I headed out this morning for a quick lunch and some shopping late this morning.
We had plans to get the light done in the hallway but decided to play a bit of hooky from the responsibility thing today.
Lunch was yummy and we headed to Wally world.  We needed to get a prescription filled and figured we would buy some groceries while we were there.
You know, this isn't one of my favorite places to go.
There are always a ton of people there...
but some days, it is just the easiest and quickest way to get about everything done.
We shopped and picked up what we needed...
Everything from cereal to paint rollers.
We were going to run over to pick up paint, but I'd had enough...so I will be doing that either tomorrow or Friday.
We spent the day lounging on the couch, being generally unproductive.
Watched the fireworks from the front porch steps.
It was a really great, low key, laid back kinda day.
Couple of hours of work from home in the morning I think and then out to pick up some paint.
The upstairs hallway and the foyer are on the agenda.
The plans in my head keep changing for these couple of days....it will be interesting to see what comes out of them.
I hope you all enjoyed your day today...hugs and lots of love to all!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Feeling better and a mini vacation

I am finally feeling better...which is nice, because getting sick is no fun at all.
It's funny because I used to vomit often, when I was doing my chemo...at least then I felt like there was a reason...
last week it was just that I was sick.
It's a strange thing to wrap my head around.
I am on a bit of a mini vacation for the next few days.
I took off the rest of the week originally because I thought my parents were going to come and visit.
Unfortunately, they couldn't and I have been out of sorts a bit about it.
I don't ask them to come up at specific times very often and I held out hope that it would happen...
not this time.
I will see them in a month at a cousin's wedding so that's good.
Other than that, there isn't a lot going on here.
Same old same old..
It's okay though, there's a rhythm to it.
Hubby is off tomorrow and I think he is going to try to get the hall light hooked up so that we don't have to go up the stairs in the dark anymore.
We will walk to the end of the street and watch the fireworks show tomorrow night.
And then I will enjoy my two days off.
I might go wondering
take some pictures
I might pamper myself a bit and go get a desperately needed pedicure
Or I might stay home, in the air conditioning and just chill for the week.
not sure yet, but I am excited to have some time to recuperate and just be.
I hope that this posts finds you all with power, having some relief from the incessant heat that is plaguing the country and surrounded by loved ones.
hugs and love on the back of the moon rays tonight to you all!