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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 20: My views on drugs and alcohol

In moderation, alcohol is a way to relax after a long day
In excess, alcohol can make a good situation bad and a bad situation even worse.
I partake in alcohol- mostly in moderation- but I have been know to take it to an extreme.
I don't ever NEED it...but it does help to take the edge off a really bad day.
I will admit that I have smoked pot- it doesn't really do anything for me.  If I were to ever get addicted to something it would  be prescription pain pills- but I know when enough is enough.  I have never tried anything else.  Never had a reason to.  Don't think I want to ever try anything- i really don't like being out of control- so that kinda defeats the purpose of drugs.

I have known people who have gotten really messed up on all of the above- this is an addiction.  I am addicted to nicotine- I have cut back- I am down to a couple of cigarettes most days- it should be so easy to just quit but it's not.  Anything taken to extremes will have detrimental effects.


  1. I also like a drink near bed time to unwind and relax. Have never tried any kind of drugs except of course cigarettes. I know from experience that the only way to quit is to want to. I was smoking 3 packs a day and stopped cold because I wanted to. I had tried gimicks before but they didn't work because I really didn't want to. I quit Jan. 21, 1981 and haven't wanted to be around one since. Praise God.

  2. Never tried drugs or ciggies...drinks....tried wine and realized that I had to balance myself against the walls to stay upright....and so don't try it any more...but definitely not a teetotaler...tried and failed rather...

  3. Good for you Nic. Love my pain killers but it's for pain and not for recreation. But back in the day (read my old posts if you haven't) I did a lot of drugs but thankfully grew out of it when motherhood came knocking.