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Trying to remember that there is always a reason, always something that makes you smile during the day- recognizing the event, person or situation that made you smile will make your day seem that much better.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Amazing Weekend..

We had a fabulous weekend together in New Hampshire.
I am facing the daunting task of a work email box to go through before I go back to work tomorrow...
So for now, I will leave you with some random cell phone pics from the weekend.
i will be back soon...promise!
Fabulous Inn outside North Conway NH...if anyone is looking for a place I highly recommend it! 

Beer sampler for each of us

Fabulous homemade raspberry and white chocolate scone 

Chocolate mint martini

We played chess before breakfast each morning.  

Ellis falls

Toast on our anniversary

All dressed up for our anniversary dinner
Hugs and lots of love to you all!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hello my lovelies...I hope you are all well..
We are packing up for another trip...
This one is a mixture of sadness and happiness...
Hubby's great uncle passed away the other night so we are headed north for a wake and a funeral tomorrow and Friday..
He was Italian through and through..
His booming voice will be missed..
his ever present smile stirring a pot of sauce at family gatherings will be missed..
The lingering smell of cigar smoke and vintage cigar boxes will always bring his face to mind..
We will celebrate his life and know that the sadness that is felt now will be replaced with the memories that one treasures for a life time.
Then we head to a Bed and Breakfast for some alone time to celebrate twelve years of marriage...
It is hard to believe that it has been that long since we joined together for a lifetime..
As we reflect on the past and plan for the future, we know that for better or for worse...we are stuck together..
I am sure that I will have some sappy post at some point..but I am unplugging on Friday for the weekend...so I'll see you all when we get back...hopefully with some pictures and some memories to share..
Until then I send positive thoughts and wishes your way on the back of the moonbeams..
hugs and lots of love to you all..

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday thoughts...

From a friend's facebook page
To all of you who have walked beside me, picked me up, helped me smile, made me laugh or listened to me cry...thank you.
To all of you who have read the ramblings of someone from "way up north", left encouraging comments, emailed, instant messaged and made my life even fuller than before...thank you

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I haven't been around much lately...
Not for any particular reason..
busy with work and stuff..
I did get to see my parents last weekend which was awesome..
hubby ended up being able to come with me to the wedding so that was good..
It wasn't nearly as tough as I thought it would be and I feel like some things were straightened out.
I can't believe that summer is almost over already..
We had a rare free weekend this week and have managed to do absolutely nothing.
Work is good..busy..but good.
The kitties are doing well..
Hubby is good..
I have found a lot of announcements lately of people leaving..
taking a break..
I am reading...and trying to comment..
I just guess that I am not finding much to write about...
Just enjoying life..
Hugs and love to you all..
know that I am thinking about you and sending positive wishes on a regular basis..