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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday's List

It is some kinda cold outside and my house, although at a balmy 62 degrees is freezing....time to climb under the down comforter for some snuggling...
This weeks list in no particular order

  • Leaving work close to on time more than once this week!!
  • The outside cat is getting better....her drain has been removed...just the stitches left to get out and then she can go back outside where she wants to be
  • my coworkers who make me laugh until I cry
  • Pretty good blood work results 
  • Having tomorrow off
  • Going to Massachusetts tomorrow to meet up with one of my best friends from college for some serious girl time....drinks...laughing...shopping and more drinks...it will be a good time.
  • A hotel room all to myself...it will be like a mini getaway
  • I need to write my final paper for this class and then it is over...I honestly can't wait.
  •  My kitchen should be completely rewired when I get home on Saturday night...
  • That first deep breath of the freezing cold air in the morning
  • getting up to go to the bathroom in the morning and coming back into bed and having my hubby roll over and snuggle close so I can get warm again
  • hot cocoa and marshmallow fluff...yum


  1. Oh very nice Nic. Hope you enjoy your time with your girlfriend. Those kind of trips are so worth it. Glad to hear that kitty is coming along so well. I'll say it again. You're so special to have taken that cat in and to the vet! Bless your heart!

  2. Hi Col. Mmmm! the hot cocoa and marshmallow fluff sounds wonderful and, yes, I'm glad the little cat is getting better. Hope you have a wonderful day with your girlfriend today. Sounds like my kind of day. Friends are SO important in our lives. A Hotel room all to yourself - wonderful!!

  3. Yes, have the most wonderful time with your friend and just getting away and having a room all to your self is a special thing as well. Lots of good times.

  4. Sixty-two??? Wow, I would love that.