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Monday, December 20, 2010

Extra Special thoughts today please??

My nephew- who just turned 4- is having surgery today.  He is having his adnoids and his tonsils out.  Poor bugger has really bad allergies and they are hoping that by taking these out- he will have less of his sinus stuff turning into viruses and  infections.  So while I know that it is going to help him....I can't help but feel a little hopeless not being there...so any extra thoughts you could throw out there to the universe for an easy surgery and speedy recovery would be awesome!!

My smile this morning is related to this darling little child.  I may have told it before...if so I am sorry but I can't remember...
He and my husband were pretty much inseparable when we were in Mexico this year.  Nephew always wanted my hubby near him, playing with him, in the pool with him, sitting next to him at dinner etc.  Well they started a conversation one day in the pool- nephew called my hubby a meatball- not really sure why- but he did.  So hubby said "well- you're a turkey meatball" and nephew said back you're a hotdog meatball...and it went on and on and on ...all week....and beyond.  Now it's always where's uncle meatball when we talk on the phone.  Call uncle meatball when I was there a few months ago.  The letter we received for Christmas was address to Aunt Cole and Uncle Meatball.  Other than my nephew being adorable about the whole thing is how hubby's whole face lights up when he hears it, or reads it....it really is pretty priceless.
Can't wait to get down there this week!!


  1. Our prayers go out for your "turkey meatball" nephew [boy did THAT whole scenario bring a smile] He will be fine Co - of that I have no doubt. He will also get ooooodles of ice cream :D

    Will be thinking of your family and your extra special nephew today. Please let us know when he is out of surgery.

    Hugs and love.

  2. Big hugs from Down Under for the gorgeous little boy. Sinus infections ae horrible so I really hope this makes him better.

  3. Loving thoughts coming from "across the pond" for that very special little nephew of yours . He has got to be well for when Santa comes along! I did love the uncle meatball story!! Bless.

  4. You got it Nic...always hate to hear of kids having surgery but sometimes it has to be for the better. I'm sure he'll be fine. Love the Uncle Meatball thing. So freakin' cute. Let us know how he does please.

  5. Add my prayers in to Col coming to you from chilly NC. Makes me think of my 2 grandsons who are 2 & 4.

  6. Hope your nephew is doing well!

  7. I hope the meatball boy is doing fine...I'll pray that he recovers soon...