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Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 23: Something I wish I had done

I wish I listened more and talked less
I wish I had held you a little closer while I had the opportunity
I wish I had trusted you sooner
I wish I had asked a million questions and then one more- because the opportunity is gone and I will never know
I wish I had written one last letter before you left us
I wish I had said I love you more
I wish I had let go of everything else and shared an ice cream cone with you at the beach
I wish I had been there to see your face
I wish I had taken more pictures
I wish I had shown up randomly on your doorstep just to say hi
I wish I had picked flowers and brought them to you
I wish I had been there for your first dance recital, soccer game, birthday party
I wish I had been able to see that flicker in your eyes, that mischievous look one more time before the disease took away your memories
I wish I had a remote, to pause time, to rewind to go back to all those times that I wish I had done something and could have the opportunity to do them-


  1. That's very sad, but it should remind all of us to do all those things while we still can. Not to take people for granted, because none of knows just what may be around the corner. Good post, Col.

  2. great post. i think we can all take something from it - and remember a time when we should have done the same.

  3. Great post...I need to work on a few things mentioned on there...