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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beyond irritated right now

So, we were supposed to get a delivery of our refrigerator tomorrow.
We were supposed to get a call between 6 and  9 tonight to tell us when they were coming.
Guess what?
We didn't get a call.
Hubby called customer service and got no where with them.
I called customer service and the woman on the phone said "oh that's a local delivery, let me transfer you to the store"
I said- the store is closed and I need to know what time I need to be home tomorrow.
She couldn't help me.
I was beyond angry.
So I am using social media to get the word out.
Sears, who supposedly prides themselves on customer service, is losing with me tonight.
I will call them in the morning to find out what's going on.
I may or may not cancel our order, depending on their response to me.
Those margaritas are going to taste awfully good on Saturday.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One of my favorite kids turns 5 today

Drove up north to a birthday party for my nephew.
He was a cutie
Although too old now to give Auntie a hug in front of his friends (major bummer)
He whispered in my ear that he loved me though...so that kinda made up for it!
 Shopping with my sister in law which is always a good time.
Spending time with the rest of family...touch and go at best.
My nephew is about the cutest child in the WORLD.
 I came in from shopping and he runs up and gives me a great big hug. Auntie, come down here.
I knelt down A great big kiss.
Auntie, I am sorry I didn't give you a hug at my party.
Sweetie, it's okay...you are getting bigger.
Auntie, I didn't hurt your feelings right?
No sweetie, Auntie just needs to realize that you are getting bigger.
 Auntie, I love you and from now on we will have a signal when I can't give you a hug.
What's that.
 I will come over and do this (he puts his pinkie finger inside mine) like a pinkie promise that I will always love you best.
Okay kiddo, that sounds good...as I am trying to hold back the tears.
We had a cake for him on Sunday after dinner
. Auntie, come here with your cake. He was sitting in the living room.
I went in there and he looked at me and said Aren't you forgetting something.
 I looked at him and honestly had no idea what he was talking about.
He gave me that look- with his head turned and his eyebrows raised... He pointed at his nose and said- isn't there supposed to be something right here.
I remembered and scooped up a bit of icing and put it on his nose.
I leaned down so he could do the same and then he cracked up giggling.
I have done that with him on every one of his five birthdays.
After he was done with his cake and had icing all over his lips he came over to me and said Auntie come here.
I leaned down and he gave me a great big icing kiss. I told him he was a cutie.
He says, you're cuter...you are cute as a button.
We were getting ready to leave and he kept running over to me and giving me a hug and a kiss...Auntie I forgot to tell you I loved you.
Auntie I forgot to give you a kiss
 We were getting into the car and he runs out without any shoes on and says to me Auntie I need some sugar.
I gave him a great big hug and a kiss
 And he says- I guess that will have to be good enough- but you will need to come back soon because it won't last very long.
He makes me smile...
makes me laugh..
makes our trips up there worth every single minute.
He turned five years old today...and that makes me a little sad...
He called me, after I left a message singing happy birthday this morning and sang happy birthday on my voicemail.
They grow up so fast...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Date night.

Hubby and I had a date night tonight which consisted of:
Putting gas in the truck- ick
Going to Wally World- double ick
Going tanning
Going to the movies
Going to dinner.

Not too bad....I remember the times when date would include going out to the bars, meeting up with friends- tonight we got home at ten fifteen and were both ready for bed...how times change..

hubby is feeling a bit better- he did go to the dr today and they think he pulled a muscle in his back...they have given him muscle relaxers with the instructions to call back on Tuesday if it's not better. So Nan worked her magic again!

We are headed north tomorrow for my nephew's birthday...Hope that you weekends are bright, full of fun and lots of smiles...see you on Sunday!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday's List

Lots to smile about and one worry..
New computer at work...getting closer to be able to bring work home with me...
Closer to vacation- only seven days til we leave!!
The weather here has been glorious....
83 degrees today..
in March..
Up here in the Northeast...
That is practically unheard of.
Warranted buying my black sandals for the season today...
Waxing and a pedicure tomorrow..
Birthday party this weekend..

My worry for the week is my dearest hubby.
He has had this crazy pain in his lower right side for the better part of the week..
Came on quite suddenly on Saturday right after his doctors appointment..
Hasn't gone away..
I have suggested all week that he call the dr...
Some how this phone call hasn't taken place yet.
He was in a lot of pain tonight...
I suggested the ER...he laughed at me.
I pulled out the trump card..
I called Nan.
His wonderful grandmother who really is the only person in the world he will listen to when he has his mind set against doing something...he doesn't like to know that he is worrying her.
I threatened all week to call and tonight, while he was laying on the floor because it made him feel better and he scoffed at the suggestion that he call the dr tomorrow I got fed up.
I called.
I explained the situation and then handed him the phone.
He will be calling the dr. tomorrow...cause Nan said that he had to and that she would worry and not sleep if he didn't.
I am not above guilt trips to make him take care of himself.

I hope you all had a good week...and that the universe has been kind.
Sending hugs and positive thoughts out to all of you tonight on the warm breeze coming through my window...and if you don't mind sending some back for my dearest husband...I would certainly appreciate it.
Love and hugs!

Monday, March 19, 2012


I don't talk politics often..
at all..
mostly because I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
Facebook has started to throw this stance in my face...
Friends of mine who post about politics on a regular basis..
Friends who don't have the same thoughts as I do about it..
And that's okay- I can ignore you..
I have a friend on my facebook page who I am finding difficult to ignore..
now, this might be a hot topic for people and I understand if you don't feel this way
But I am a bit irritated by the birth control debate going on right now.
Unless I am reading this entire debate incorrectly no one is making any one take the birth control.
All that I am hearing is that they want the birth control to be affordable.
Not that they were going to tie people down and make them take it so they couldn't procreate.
Now, believe it or not, I was raised Catholic.
I went to church every Sunday until I was eighteen.
I know that the church doesn't condone the use of birth control.
I also know that the church is a business who employees a lot of people..
in offices, schools, hospitals, charities.
Not all of the people that are employed by the church are going to believe everything that the church teaches.
As a matter of a fact, many practicing Catholics don't believe that contraception should be a sin.
I am not debating that fact, although I do have my own opinions on that thought process as well.
What I am debating is the fact that no one is trying to "tie a woman to a bed" to have their way with them.
No one is shoving the birth control down a woman's throat.
No one is forcing them to take birth control.
No one is trying to take a choice away from someone.
Actually, they are trying to give them a choice.
A choice to make it affordable to not have a child if their situations don't warrant it.
I am not sure if any of this makes sense- but I have been reading so much from some of my facebook friends- people that I respect immensely and with whom I have had many spirited conversations about religion.  I understand feeling strongly about your beliefs.  What I don't understand is not being able to recognize two sides of the story.

If you believe...it's always true

From facebook this morning!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Busy busy busy

which I think is why it has been a whole week since I last spoke to you all.
Smiles this week:
My husband continues to have the patience of a saint with me and my new crazy hours....and my general crankiness when I get home.
He has had dinner ready every night this week....the grill has been broken out of winter hiding and is getting some really good use...

We leave for vacation in two weeks...
I CANNOT wait....I don't remember the last time I have looked so forward to going away...
It's my whole family- mom, dad, sister, brother in law, kids, my brother and his significant other...should be a good time...and let's face it- a week in the sun with margaritas..bring it on...

I left work early today. I left there at 1pm. I was pretty excited to get out of there for the afternoon. i wish the weather had cooperated a bit more- but it's supposed to be warm and sunny all weekend..so rain and not so warm today is okay...
As many of you know when I leave work early it is usually to run a myriad of errands that I don't want to save until the weekend. I had just one thing I needed to do today- I needed to get my drivers license renewed. Now, most places you can do that online- but not here anymore..you need to go to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) and get it done.
So I went..took a number and sat there for a few minutes....I realized that I had forgotten my passport and ran home to get it...It took me 40 minutes round trip to get back to the BMV. I walked in and they were calling number 185..I was number 187. So I sat there for about 5 minutes, they called my number and I was done. Very good timing...although I am sure I missed out on some killer people watching!

Not much going on this weekend...we need to go through clothes...figure out what if anything we need for vacation...go out and get it. We are having dinner with hubby's cousins family tomorrow night which should be fun...no big St. Patty's day plans...but we should find a place to have green beer.

I hope you are all well...hugs and lots of love to you all!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday's List

The full moon is tonight and I was hoping to be able to go out and soak up some of the rays...
The moon has healing powers in a way for me and sometimes helps to curb the craziness and helps to settle my soul..
There are clouds in the way tonight so I will settle for some meditation before bed.

Some really good smiles this week...
I am finally settled in my new desk at work..hidden away in my own little world with a fan that is just loud enough to drown out all the unfamiliar voices and the din of the sales floor.
A nice compliment today made me smile this morning as well as finally unpacking all my stuff and having my pictures surround me again.
The strong, vibrant woman in my life, both online and in my everyday life make me smile every day, but today is a day to celebrate them.
They are tenacious, kind, loving and fun....and all the while strong willed, tough and resilient.
I admire those woman in my life who have taught me everything from cooking to knitting to writing.
There are many woman who make me smile on a daily basis, share amazing talents, write the tough stuff that goes one and rather than getting down about it keep moving forward, keep loving and keep finding reasons to smile.
There are woman that I admire for their intelligence, their passion and their knowledge.
Woman who, even in this day and age, have to work harder, better and smarter to be heard and recognized in a corporate environment that very much still has an old boys mentality at the top. Woman who go home after working ten or twelve hour days to their families, juggling husbands, girl scouts, swim meets and laundry.
Woman who make you smile, are always there with a hug, a quick phone call or a girls night.
Woman who are strong, determined but can still show their softer sides.
To all of the woman in my life Happy International Woman's Day.
You are an inspiration and a joy and I am lucky to count you as friends and colleagues.

I hope all my friends out there tonight are safe, happy and tucked into a warm bed. I hope the moon rays bring you peace and sweet dreams. Spring is in the air here and on the back of the warm breeze that is blowing I am sending happy, peaceful thoughts and love to all of you.

Friday, March 2, 2012

What a week

This was a week of challenges...some have been dealt with and some are in process. Only one isn't started yet- but it's a fun one so that's okay...

Change of job- check- pretty much under control. Minor set back yesterday when I realized that the person who has done the job for the last seven years would not be available for three weeks for questions- by then I will already know everything! But the panic subsided as hubby reminded me that it wasn't long ago that I didn't know everything about the job i was doing and I managed to completely rock that one...so this one I am starting with more knowledge.

Lots of snow- check- nothing a hotel room and a plow guy can't fix

Hubby's truck broke- in process- they did a bunch of work on it a few weeks ago and all of a sudden it's stalling- the day he got it back from the mechanic and they are saying it's nothing they did.. He is dealing with that part of life right now and it kinda stinks but he is pretty upset by the whole thing so I know he will take care of it.

Moving my desk at work- I am all packed up and waiting for them to actually make the move so I can unpack and get settled in my new spot

The furnace broke. This was completely unforeseen and meant that it was 38 degrees in the house tonight when hubby got home. He called me at work asking for the number for our oil place- which I gave to him without even trying to figure out what was wrong. He called them, they came, they fixed it and the house is starting to warm up (at last glance the thermostat said 49...thank goodness for lots of extra comforters, warm slippers and sweaters. All that's left is to deal with the bill when it comes in. A new furnace is at the top of the list of home improvements once the weather is nice enough that we don't need the heat on every day.

Birthday shopping. A couple of the super important kids in our lives have birthdays this month and I need to go shopping and get packages put together to mail out and to bring with us to the parties. My niece turns 7, nephew turns 5 and my cousin's child (who I miss terribly) turns 10.

I need to decide if I am going to drive down to MA for a girls night out next weekend...it is about a three hour drive and I am not sure that I want to stay in a hotel by myself over night...I am becoming quite the antisocial one...I would almost prefer to stay curled up with my kitties and my husband....we will see what the beginning of the week brings before I make any decisions on that one.

I need to return a dress still and do some general running around this weekend- but I think that will all wait until Sunday....I am ready for a day in yoga pants and a sweatshirt where I can zone out for bit...that's the plan for tomorrow.
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend....hugs and lots of love...stay safe and warm.