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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday night

Well, the living room is rewired and the kitchen is started, with a promise that weather pending my father in law will be back next weekend.
The outside cat now has a bed and a blanket and is living in my den.  She slept for most of the day today in the little hallway we have between the front door and the door to the house.  She seemed to be perfectly content there until we were ready to go to bed and she hobbled inside.  My four cats are cautiously looking at her and don't really know what to do with her.  I guess we will try to keep her in that room for a couple of days...at least till we get the drain out on Thursday.  I have told hubby that he needs to take her to the vet on Thursday.  Hopefully the vet will tell us that we can take the cone off her head once the drain is removed.  She's really not happy about being inside...but it's what's best for her.  I think we might try to barricade her on one end of the screened in porch depending on how she does tonight and tomorrow.  She can't really jump so I am sure that we can make it work.  Then at least she will feel like she's outside...
Other than that I went Christmas shopping this morning.  I think I am almost done, except for what I will do in Maryland, so that's good.  My dad's Christmas present is going to be my favorite this year.  I put together a photo book on one of the websites of our trips to Europe to see them.  It was really fun picking out the pictures and putting all the captions in there.  Now I just need to finish the calendars for everyone and order those.  Great fun..
As we speak it is snowing lightly  and it feels like December, it is cold outside.  I am going to go curl up with my kitties and get some sleep.  Hope all is well in your corners of the world and your weekend was full of smiles...


  1. You're so good to take care of the cat like that. That's really great. Your Dad is going to love that book. Great gift ideas. As long as we have no snow in South Carolina we are always smiling!

  2. It is wonderful how you are caring for the needy cat. As Barb said I am sure your dad will love the book, I know I would. We got flurries over the weekend but was gone quickly. Will be so glad when it warms up some. All in all it was a pleasant weekend. Take care and have a great week.

  3. The kitty is so lucky to have a friend in you. And you are to be commended for being such a good help mate.
    I love gifts with heart and you picture book sounds like that kind of gift. Have a peace filled week. The Olde Bagg, Linda