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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 21: Your best friend got into a car accident. You had a terrible fight a few hours before. What do you do?

Is this a rhetorical question?
I drop everything and get to where ever she is.
I talk to her parents
I call friends to let them know what's going on
I pace the hallways until they let me see her
I wait patiently (or not so much) until after her parents see her
I go into her room, burst into tears and immediately apologize for not resolving whatever we were fighting about before she left.
I hold her hand, listen, cry, play silly card games, make her laugh, do mad libs, talk about the cute nurses while she's in the hospital and throw her a huge party when she gets home.

You don't get very many best friends in your lifetime.  One fight, one argument isn't going to ruin your friendship- and certainly wouldn't keep me away from her in this situation or any other.  My best friends and I share parts of our hearts and souls with each other....a fight can't rip those bonds apart.


  1. Well written. You're right, friendships are so important and of course you would be there for your friend.

  2. Best friends are so valuable and need to be treated with love.

  3. I agree with you...it'd be stupid to let a silly argument get in the way of a good friendship...my temper makes me do such stupid mistakes...but I correct them as soon as I make them.