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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Linda- over at Olde Baggs 'n Stuft Shirts just took me back about six years with her tutorial on how to make tissue paper flowers (check it out here if you are interested)...
I was planning a super low budget wedding for 100 people (we are talking less than $1000 for everything) and my sister in law was helping me.  We rented a hall and bought all the food, having various people make it and bring it over to the hall.  The bride didn't want real flowers- who doesn't want real flowers?  She wanted bright colors and fake flowers- not silk flowers- but tissue paper flowers...I had never seen them, never heard of them before and really I was amazed at this.  We learned how to make them- we bought fifty packages of tissue paper from the dollar store and rustled up pipe cleaners that were silver and left from christmas the previous year.  My sister in law and I literally made hundreds of tissue paper flowers- in bright colors.  We had them for the bride to carry, the bridesmaids and the flower girl, the tables all had them in the middle.  We covered a trellis type structure with the flowers.  While we were making them and as we started to hang them up, we didn't have very high hopes that this would come off with any kind of class- but they actually ended up really working.  We had bright colored serving platters and plates and it did make the room very festive.
Thanks for reminding me of that Linda- it made me smile tonight!!


  1. I am constantly amazed at the stuff I find on other sites that help or give ideas.

  2. Tissue paper flowers for a wedding. Reckon that must be a first, col. I bet it looked very effective though - pity there are no photos!

  3. great! you should post some pictures. i bet they were lovely.

  4. I looked through some old pictures and I don't have a single one....I will have to see if my sister in law has any....I think we were so mortified we vowed not to take any pictures....if I find some I will definitely post them!

  5. wow...that looks quite nice and bright...i mean the tissue flowers shown in the website...maybe you should try making some just for old memories sake...:)