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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas List

We are in Maryland..which is why I haven't posted ina  couple of days.  We are hanging out with my brother at my parents house right now with a Christmas tree and christmas decorations and christmas presents all over the place.  We finished shopping and wrapping today....which is awesome.  We don't have a single Christmas decoration up at my house...so it's kinda nice to be in a place that is so full of the Christmas spirit.
Today's list is a special Christmas list of things that make me smile this time of year!
The last minute shopping that needs to get done and finding that perfect gift at the last minute
Wrapping Christmas presents
Being with family
Moose juice (a super yummy drink involving lots of alcohol, eggnog, milk and vanilla ice cream)
Dinner out with my parents, just the four of us
Hearing the kids talk about Santa Claus
Watching my husband and brother get super competitive over wii games
A ton of pictures being taken
Christmas cookies
Driving around looking at the christmas lights that are everywhere
Hearing the kids talk about putting out the luminaries to light santa's way
Making a friend's birthday with an extra special gift
watching my mom and dad together
Having my mom take care of me because I am still not feeling very good.
The old christmas star on the top of the tree blinking away
Knowing that the weekend will be full of family fun
Midnight, candle lit mass
Being surrounded by family this time of year
a hot cup of cocoa in front of the fire place.

I hope that this holiday season is full of love, joy, peace and goodwill for all of you...Hugs and lots and lots of love to you all!


  1. Now that's a smiley kind of list. Enjoy every second of it. Merry Christmas. Hugs

  2. Here, here! Lovely list. I would only add "Having the whole week off with the family" [sometimes two!] YAY.

    Merry Christmas Co. [I can't believe you are in MD - soooooo close - yet.... :)] Have a great time.

  3. A great list girl. Stay warm and have a wonderful time of celebration with your family. If the weather cooperates we will too. It is 19 this morning and they are calling for snow to come in tomorrow so we might just have a white Christmas. Take care and check you later.

  4. Nice list...Merry X'mas to you and your family...have fun...

  5. That's a reallygood list Col. Enjoy your time with thefamily. Wishing you all a happy and joyful Christmas.