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Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 19: My view of religion

I was raised Roman Catholic- I went to church every Sunday and CCD on Wednesday.  I was baptised, received my first communion, and my confirmation.  I was not  married in a church or even by a priest.  I ocassionaly go to church- for weddings, funerals, some times on random Sundays to be closer to the higher being.  I believe in God.  I do not believe that I have to go to a church, listen to a man in a robe talk to me and have him talk to God for me.  I know there is a higher power out there and I know that I have angels who walk next to me, who guide me and who comfort me.  I grew up in the Catholic Church.  My mother taught Sunday school and ccd.  We were at the church on a pretty regular basis.  I am repulsed by the way the church handled the "priest issue" as it is often referred to.  They covered up the most grievous crime that could be committed and asked for forgiveness from the people who follow them.  These priests, who supposedly received a calling from God, used their position of perceived power, authority and abused the trust of children.
I as at mass a few years ago, it was a memorial mass for a friend's father, and the priest stood up there and used his homily as a way to preach against homosexuals.  He talked for a good ten minutes about the evils of that life choice and went on and on.  I was very passive and just sat there as my insides were turning over.  After he was done with his diatribe on the evilness that is homosexuality he asked for prayers for a priest who was "suffering" because he had been found to have molested children and the priest actually asked us to find it in our hearts to forgive this "brother of Christ" his indiscretions and encourage the diocese to let him preach again.  I did get up and walk out of mass at that point.
I do believe that there is a place in this world for organized religion and I know that there are people who take solace in their worship- and i respect their right to choose that for themselves.  I don't choose to participate on a regular basis in a religious community.  I have my own relationship with the higher power that I don't need to share with others.


  1. I agree with you Col, in that I very much believe in God and life after death, BUT I don't believe that you always have to go to Church to confirm that. How hypocritical of that Priest to ask for you to pray for someone who has abused young children? I think this might be a controversial post!

  2. I worked in the church as a youth minister for at least two decades....I have never had a more difficult time in my life. I do not attend church and have found another way to express my love, adoration and trust in the almighty. Right after leaving the church I used to say I didn't have a problem with god but with his children. The Olde Bagg

  3. I feel closer to God than I ever have been and have not attended a church service on sundays for some time now. I might resume but it isn't something I feel will bring me any closer to God.

  4. We quit attending church - where we'd gone for about 10 years, and where Ron had faithfully attended, even when sick, to play guitar for the praise team - last year when we received a phone call from one of the men letting us know that the sidewalks had been shoveled so people could get into the church. We'd had a big snowstorm/ice storm the day before. I said we were snowed in and I couldn't even get the car out, so if I had an emergency with Ron we'd be stuck.

    He said, "God bless you, sister" and hung up. How hard would it have been to say "we'll be over after we finish the church to make sure you all can get out"? They lost our trust and our attendance - and my tithe.

  5. I couldn't have said it any better. This is exactly why I left the church many years ago too. Great post.

  6. I was also raised a catholic but I really struggle with the church's views on the things you describe. I still struggle with guilt about not being part of an organised religeon but ultimately I think it is more important to be a good person than to turn up at church every Sunday and listen to someone who has very little life experience try to talk about life.