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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The day after

and the aftermath...
Yesterday was an awesome day....for the first time in history it was a day of no family drama....an achievement in and of itself.  My brother spent the night at my parents house on Christmas eve.  We spent the day on Friday with my sister and the kids....we made a graham cracker gingerbread house....
which really meant lots and lots of sugar, frosting and candy...it was a blast..
We came back to the house and my brother came over and we just hung out for the night....played some video games...watched a couple of movies and had some munchies....we played Phase 10 for a bit as well...great fun..
We did wake up early on Christmas morning...although because of an alarm clock rather than the excitement of what Santa was bringing..  It was great fun...very quiet....I was so excited to finally give people the gifts that we had bought for them....
We headed over to my sister's house and had a great day with the kids....they were pretty excited about the day....even nephew who was still pretty sore from his surgery....
It was a day of laughter, lots of playing...the hit of the day was the nerf guns that I bought for the kids....although I think the adults had far more fun with them than the kids....
We headed back to my parents and enjoyed a pretty low key night...my brother got the kinect for the xbox...which was great fun....
Today was the littlest nephew's baptism....at a very cute little church in my sister's town.  Although I don't necessarily agree with organized religion it was a great mass and I am honored to be his godparent.  We headed back here because it's snowing out and well...people don't really know how to prepare for the snow. I don't know if we are going to make it home tomorrow...as we are supposed to be getting a foot of snow at home.  That's okay...bonus time with my parents is always good.
It has been a weekend full of smiles, laughter and lots of good family time.  It has definitely been a weekend that has embodied the holiday spirit.....thought of you all a bunch this weekend.  I hope that everyone out there who are reading this found that one moment that exemplifies the holiday season...and that this week is low key for everyone...


  1. So glad you had a great holiday. Sounds like lots of fun for all ages!! Hugs.

  2. Sounds like a brilliant time was had by all. Hope you got home safely

  3. That gingerbread house looks so yum....Glad to know you had an amazing time with your family...

  4. What a wonderful day! Busy! Busy! But sounds like so much fun. We have been waiting until Pooldad's brother and family arrive in town to have our extended family Christmas [today, YAY!]

    I played that kinect thingy in Best Buy the other day - not well I might add, bad balance :D - but dang....it is SO much fun!

    And I love your gingerbread houses. I miss doing that.

  5. Always good to read a good report on family gathering. Glad it was such a good time.

  6. I seem have to missed the memo on everyone needing to get an xbox for the male in the family, haha. Your holiday sounds marvelous with family and smiles. You have a lovely blog and I especially like the name, as mine is called A Blessing A Day, somewhat of a similar concept.

  7. Col, it sounds as if you had a very special time with your family, and I'm really pleased about that, because you deserve it. How lovely that you are a Godparent to your little nephew. I'm sure you will be a wonderful godparent, organizing lots of lovely things for him. That little gingerbread house looks so sweet.