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Monday, December 20, 2010

Thank you thank you thank you

I guess all you have to do is ask and the thoughts will come pouring in...
Nephew is doing awesome...eating lots of ice cream and popsicle and wondering when Uncle meatball is coming to visit and will Santa be bringing him on his sleigh and how will all the presents fit...
The surgery is actually pretty quick and easy...my sister texted me to tell me he was in and about half an hour that he was out and in recovery....
So thank you thank you thank you....for all your thoughts...
It snowed today....unexpectedly...it was a mess on the way home...I just hope that it has stopped and I don't have to see anymore snow before we leave....
I gotta go pack....catch you all tomorrow..


  1. Great news Co.! Hope the meatball [still makes me giggle] gets out soon. Be safe on your trip.

  2. Wonderful news. So glad all is OK.

  3. So pleased that everything went well for the little lad, and that he has a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Also, I have passed on the Honest Scrap award to you...:)

  5. So glad he is doing well!
    That is too cute about Uncle Meatball lol.