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Trying to remember that there is always a reason, always something that makes you smile during the day- recognizing the event, person or situation that made you smile will make your day seem that much better.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 25: The reason you believe you are still alive today

I am skipping day 24- I don't have a play list to give to any one.
Why am I still alive today?
I am alive so that I can share my experiences with others.
I am alive because I was too stubborn to give up- even when I was told that I should...even when I was told that there was very little hope.
I am alive today to do something special, every single day.  To appreciate the art that surrounds us, to renew relationships, to strength the bonds I have in my life.
I am alive today because i am a fighter- yes, I survived- I survived a horrid relationship in college and was able to recognize the beauty of a functional relationship.  I survived a brain tumor- because I wouldn't let some doctor who paid way too much money to go to school tell me that i should just accept that I wasn't going to survive  I fought...I cried...I threw up (a lot)...I lost my hair...and it was hell....I survived that.  I am alive today because there is some greater purpose that my life is meant to serve.  I am not sure if I have found that greater purpose yet- but I am doing the best I can in mean time-
I am alive today because of my family, my friends, and because of the acts of kindness by strangers.  My family and friends stood beside me, in front of me and behind me in all that I do- if I trip and fall, they are there with a hand to help me up.  Sometimes the hand of a stranger is the one that is outreached, and I have learned that they are only a stranger till you take that hand and then, like it or not, they are a thread on the tapestry of your life.  I am alive today because these people give me strength, they support me, they laughed with me one minute when I was picking out silly scarves because I had lost all my hair, and cried with me the next because I couldn't stand the fact that I didn't have any hair.  I have angels who walk with me every single day guiding my path and ensuring that I am making the correct decisions.  They let me fall, they let me chose, but they let me know that they are right there with me if I need help. I am alive today because of all of these people.

I am alive today to bring a smile to one person's face every day.  I am alive today to live every single moment to the fullest extent possible and to get everything that I can from this life.


  1. Brilliant post Col,and you certainly do bring a smile to my face with your Blog. I firmly believe in angels and I am glad that they were there to look after you when you needed them. Have a good weekend.

  2. Loved it Col and I would certainly feel a loss if you were not around to brighten my days. Keep the good stuff coming and I will be right here to receive it. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Nic...this was absolutely beautiful and it sure makes me appreciate what you have gone through. Now I know what you meant when I said I had an angel on my shoulder and you said you had one or two yourself. Thank you for sharing this and for being so strong. You are certainly loved in blog land!

  4. I am so glad you have gone through a lot and emerge stronger...and I am glad to know you...*hugs*

  5. You definitely bring a smile to my face everytime I visit with you. You are such a special person and knowing that you went through a brain tumor...just, well...takes every bit of my breath away.

    I am proud and extremely happy to call you my friend. You are my friend and I am a very lucky woman.

    I am one of those that you bring the smile to Co. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Hugs and love!

  6. Beautiful.
    Your strength, your positive attitude, your words, the kind person you are, all make me smile.