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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Saying goodbye

I haven't posted in  a while.   It has been a craptastic few months asked I am ready to put 2014 behind me. 
I haven't posted because I haven't had much positive to say.  
When I look back on this year there are mixed emotions. 
I feel at this point that there are more lows than highs and the rollercoaster got stuck in a perpetual free fall.
Not that there haven't been good points.   I had probably the best year career wise in the last ten years.   Lots was accomplished and I feel like for the first time people took me seriously.   Great things were accomplished and in more than one way work saved me this year.   Lots of challenges but many that I was in control of and it allowed me the one place where I was able to forget about everything else that went on. 
The last few months have seen the loss of one of my cats and some news about hubby ' s health yay have left me reeling.   He will be okay. .. but there are some challenges that we will need to face in the coming months.
Tonight,  we are staying in... just the two of us and hanging out.  Enjoying some peace and quiet after a whirlwind trip to South Carolina for Christmas and lots of family time.  
I have laid in bed many nights and composed blog posts in my head and never actually typed them out.  So many things to say and no desire to put it out there because it hasn't been happy or even coherent most of the time.  
As we close the chapter on another year tonight,  I am making a commitment to myself to be better at writing it out.   This helps me process and gets it out of my head.
I can't promise that it is going to
be happy..
I can't promise that I won't get mired in the seriousness of what is going on.
I can't promise that I am looking for the best parts of this right now. ..
But it will be real. .. and if you want to ride the rollercoaster you know I would love the company. .. but i wouldn't blame you for getting off the ride.
Please know that I think of you all often... and I read your words even when I dont comment.   My wish for you as we enter the new year is happiness,  love,  health and lots of laughter.   Be safe tonight if you are out celebrating and I will see you in 2015.