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Monday, March 16, 2015

From Fighting...to waiting

Tomorrow... a day we have waited for. 6 weeks.. just get to March 17th.. Tomorrow is the 30th treatment. The last one. Ever. Whether it works or not. As I sit here...in my cold, quiet house and the tears pour down my face, not for the first time during this ordeal, and I ponder the last few months. He is out...at a meeting...as he has been throughout this whole ordeal. He did okay... worst side effects hit about two weeks ago and have been relentless... He can't taste anything... and food is one of his only vices... he tries so hard... he will put a mouthful of something in and scrunch up his face to see if there is anything... and then his face will fall and his sad puppy dog eyes will look at me and say "nothing...nothing at all"... His throat has been terrible because they are radiating through it from five different angles.... there is calcified ear wax in his ear canal so he can barely hear out of his left ear.. and he is exhausted... but he is almost done.. this chapter is closing. We won't know for months if it works.. not shrinking anything.... not relieving any of his symptoms just supposed to keep it from growing... The last six weeks have been the hardest of my life. Someone at work asked me today. even harder than your diagnosis. 1000% yes. Mine I could handle...mine I knew what it was and what was going on...mine was mine...and honestly...I was so focused on getting me better that, as selfish as it sounds, the people around me were not always my focus. And quite frankly if something went wrong when it was me...I wasn't going to be here to deal with it... I have never been more scared, useless, hopeless, helpless in my life than I have been in the last six weeks. I had to keep my shit together- I didn't have a choice- had to be strong for him, for me and for everyone else. I had to take care of him and let him get better and not worry about anything else....I didn't have the ability to let anyone else see that my world...the walls that he holds up for me on a regular basis....they were crumbling around me and I didn't know how to fix them. I always thought that I could be one of those woman who didn't need him. Don't get me wrong, I knew I loved him and wanted my life to be with him, but that god forbid anything happened I would be okay. I realized, I wouldn't be. I would not be okay. My whole world would fall down around me and I don't know if I would be able to get up. I have woken up with the thought that he might not be around forever everyday since November 16th and although there are only a few people that I would admit it to, it scares the hell out of me. So tomorrow, we go from fighting this everyday to waiting. Waiting to see if it worked Waiting for tests Waiting for months to pass The radiologist was asked what happens if the radiation doesn't work. He said we are thinking positively He was asked "What symptoms should we be looking for if it were to start growing again" He said "you shouldn't think like that, this is going to work" He was asked "Okay, I get it, but just in case, what should we do" He said "Hope it worked" I Said " I buy a lottery ticket every Wednesday and Hope I win, but I haven't gone out and bought a yacht yet" He laughed and still didn't answer me. So I guess we hope the odds are better than winning the lottery.