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Thursday, November 4, 2010

zoning out

Acupuncture today...fabulous,..
I got there, he made me smile, led me into a room, asked me how things were going.  He didn't buy my "everything's fine" line.  Made me open up a bit and talk about the craziness that has been work and life in general lately.  He has a very soothing voice, which is odd to think about this man who is sticking needles in me.  He seems genuinely concerned about me, about us having a baby, so nice, kinda like a therapists office, but less..I don't know..intrusive.  He puts on my favorite cd that he has, turns the lights off, with his usual, call me if you need anything and I close my eyes.  Concentrating on my breathing, takes five minutes to shut my brain off enough.  I can feel the breath, from my toes all the way up through my arms out my fingers, reverse it, comes in through my fingertips and all the way down to my toes.  I concentrate of feeling the energy hitting each needle, coursing through my body.  Relaxing, feeling the music, picturing a clearing in the woods, with a river, sitting and absorbing the energy from the forest that surrounds me in my head, relaxed, almost transported there.  I can picture this place in my head with such clarity. I can feel the energy of the earth, the breath of the trees, the beat of the heart that is that place.  Still taking deep breaths, concentrate on nothing- which is no easy task by the way- thoughts threaten to intrude on this sacred place- push them back- close the door in my head, this is my time, not time to think about work, or family or school or even my dear hubby.  This is the ultimate me time- the time for my breath to heal whatever is ailing me- the time for my energy to carry away the headache and the aches and pains from the wet damp weather.  I feel those pains, the worries and the stress escaping through my fingers and toes with every breath.  I hear the music, a breeze rustling those trees in my head.  I am at peace, laying there on the table- in that forest clearing in my head, the world has finally stopped for a few minutes, the pace has slowed and there is nothing except for the knowledge that my breath can carry away the worries- the energy is focused  and coursing through my body and I can feel it- I can feel the chakras line up and the energy balancing and feeding each one.  I hear him open the door and gradually pull myself out of the forest, saying goodbye and thanking the space for bringing me peace, aware of the energy as he pulls out each needle, still feeling it in my body.  Take your time getting up he says in his peaceful voice.  Sit up, put on my shoes and it's time to go back to reality.  I relish the moments, the peace, the awareness that I have because of acupuncture.  I am a convert...and I will continue to go every opportunity I have, because the gift of peace is priceless.

So that's how I feel about acupuncture and I am grateful that I allowed myself the learning experience and took the leap to go and do it for the first time...
I am terribly behind on commenting- it has been a bunch of late nights....promise I will catch up- know that I am reading everything you post...


  1. Wow - that was so beautifully written. Such a wonderful experience. I would love to have 15 minutes of that. Just once.

    I think it is time to find an acupuncturist Co - whatdya' think? Thank you for sharing this in such a heartfelt way.

  2. Skippy- I sent you an email the other day- not sure if you got it- they come from my yahoo account when I respond to comments (plus I always forget to sign them from colenic- they just have my real name on them :) )- I totally think you should try it....never hurts to try something once!!

  3. That actually sounds quite nice the way you write about it.

    Nice to meet ya!

  4. Beautifully written piece Colenic. Isn't it wonderful to escape the hustle and bustle of life, if only for a short time. Time to recharge our batteries. I think it is SO important for all women to have some ME time.

  5. I wasnt aware that acupuncture was combined with meditation, sounds like a positive experience for you. Everybody needs time to just shut down thier brain.

  6. Nic...that was well put. This is EXACTLY what I get from deep tissue massage. I've never tried acupunture but I'm very much a believer in it. Massage just worked wonders for me so why give up a good thing right? Unfortunately, right now it is an expense we cannot afford but when the time comes, I'm running to get one. That's our little Nirvana time, isn't it?

  7. I loved acupuncture but haven't found someone to do it for several years. Your post has made me decide to check more deeply into finding someone. My DIL is Chinese (but her family lives in Taiwan) so I will ask her some questions about it.