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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursdays List- Special 100th post edition

This is my 100th post- only took most of the year to get there!!
So for today's list- I am going to list 100 things that make me smile- some you may have heard before some are probably new
  1. My hubby- who is always a constant in my life- and makes me smile everyday to know how truly blessed I am to have him as a partner in life
  2. Good friends who are always there- no matter what- no matter when I need them
  3. My parents who have always been there to support me- no matter what's going on and who I realize now more than ever have always pushed me to do my best and wanted what's in my best interest- even when I fought them every step of the way
  4. Daily phone calls with my aunt- whom I can talk to about ANYTHING and who just listens- if I miss one it throws my whole day off
  5. My kitties who are like my kids
  6. A roof over my head- no matter what we need to do to the house- I am grateful that we are able to have something of our own- headaches and all
  7. My coworkers who I spend more time with than almost anyone else in my life- they are always good for a smile, a laugh, a strict talking to and an ear when I need it- and they are an extremely driven, motivated group that make me want to do better.
  8. The sunshine in the morning on a crisp day
  9. My fellow bloggers that I have met through out this year and before- you guys are the best!
  10. My niece and nephews- they are the best, cutest, most adorable kids (i'm a little biased admittedly) but they bring constant smiles to my face
  11. Listening to the rain on the roof while I am snuggled in bed with my kitties
  12. Phone calls from a friend who i haven't talked to in ages that last for two hours or more
  13. Going on a date with my hubby
  14. A package waiting at the door
  15. A good grade on a paper
  16. Watching the sunrise
  17. Waterfalls
  18. the sound of children laughing
  19. A bubble bath
  20. Laughing so hard you start crying
  21. A sister in law who is like your sister and is always up for anything
  22. Planning a party
  23. taking pictures
  24. decorating someone's cubicle at work for their birthday- and watching their eyes light up when they come in
  25. Stuffed animals to snuggle with
  26. the ease of sending an email to connect with people
  27. Phone calls with my grandmothers that last for hours
  28. A new pen
  29. No plans on a weekend after being right out straight for several weekends in a row
  30. Signs from those who have passed that let you know that they are still right there with you
  31. Allowing myself an hour a week to just zone out and relax
  32. A good song playing really loud on the rare times that the radio is on
  33. The smell of new paint
  34. A simple change of kitchen hardware making a huge difference
  35. A good cup of coffee
  36. Anticipation of a friend's visit
  37. Driving for hours by myself
  38. Facebook and reconnecting with old friends
  39. Yummy lemon smelling lotion
  40. The bring red color of apple jelly made my me for the first time
  41. Sharing a meal that I cooked with good friends
  42. Getting lost in a book for a couple of hours
  43. Sitting in a dark theatre after a show is over and feeling the energy reverbarate around the room
  44. Hanging out with my brother drinking coffee and just talking about everything
  45. Sitting on the beach on a cloudy day letting the wind whip through your hair
  46. Laying in the grass in a dark field watching for shooting stars with a thermos of hot chocolate between you
  47. The silence of a library
  48. The smell of homemade bread cooking
  49. Someone asking how you are- and actually wanting to hear the reason
  50. random text messages saying I'm thinking of you and I love ya
  51. The smell of the first snow
  52. The first flower you notice in the spring- often poking through the snow
  53. Sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and drinking beer
  54. Feeling his arms around me, calming me down from a nightmare when he's barely awake
  55. Crossing something off your bucket list
  56. Road trips with friends
  57. Fortunes from fortune cookies that speak to you so much, you need to hang them up in a place where you can look at them often
  58. Real mail- not a bill- waiting when you get home from work
  59. Watching a child blow the dandelion whiskers off and not caring that there will be more dandelions in your yard because you will look at them and remember the look of pure wonder in their eyes
  60. A cup of tea in a friends garden
  61. Knowing, deep down, that it's going to be okay- no matter what is going on- it's going to be okay
  62. Lighting a new candle for the first time
  63. Coming home to dinner cooked and the house cleaned up
  64. Sitting in an airport, waiting to board a plane- whether coming or going- and knowing that adventures await for you
  65. Chocolate
  66. Seeing something that reminds you of your hometown- the one you grew up, think of fondly and know that you would never go back there for longer than a visit.
  67. Going to an aquarium
  68. Looking through my passport and seeing all the places that I have been- and knowing that I have been very very lucky
  69. Watching a child put on chapstick
  70. Sitting in a park, with a book, people watching
  71. Picnic lunches
  72. When someone hugs you- and it's a real hug- one of those hugs that you feel wrapped in their arms and loved
  73. The first ice cream cone of the season- peppermint with chocolate sprinkles
  74. Fresh veggies
  75. People who you never thought you'd grow close with becoming the closest friends you've got
  76. Knowing that no matter what..my current boss has my back
  77. Laughing so hard you cry
  78. Crying so hard you laugh
  79. The smell of a new baby, the way they snuggle right into your arms...and being able to give them to mom when they start crying  or need a diaper changed
  80. Crisp cold water to drink
  81. The unexpected smell of leaves burning outside while I am driving.
  82. A tart raspberry margarita(s) in the rocks with sugar- not salt
  83. The smell of clean laundry
  84. New shoes
  85. A fun pair of earrings
  86. Holiday sparkle- you know how everything looks all sparkly this time of year- gold and silver accents, being able to wear something a bit glitzy to all the holiday parties- love it!!
  87. Spending a day with the girls- complete with frivolous shopping, lunch, lots and lots of laughter and giggling at silly things
  88. Free makeovers at the makeup counter at the mall
  89. The smell of suntan lotion after a long day at the beach
  90. Figuring out how to manipulate furniture to fit in a room just right.
  91. Conversations about nothing and everything all at the same time
  92. Finding pieces of sea glass on the beach
  93. Midnight movie showings when you don't have to work the next day
  94. Random love notes in your lunch box
  95. The perfect picture you weren't even trying to take
  96. Playing on a playground
  97. A perfectly sharpened pencil
  98. Finding retro owls at thrift stores to help decorate my house
  99. Being recognized for work that you have done well
  100. Knowing that no matter what you are going through, some day you will be able to look at it with perspective and know that you were able to learn from it and it has become part of who you are.
There are so many things in my life that make me smile everyday and this blog has really helped me to focus on those, instead of all the negatives.
hugs and love to you all!!


  1. Wow! I promise to come back and read this whole list - but I do love the idea. I think I could do this to. You would certainly be on there. :) You are such a smiling motivation to us all Col.


  2. Hey good for you for finding 100 things to smile about. Wow, now I am gonna hafta think about this one. Congratulations on 100 posts. The Olde Bagg

  3. What a fantastic list Nic. Wow. Loved reading it and the different varieties of things. Congrats on 100.

  4. Congratulations, I couldn't believe it when I hit 100 just recently. Time flies when you are having fun.

  5. An awesome list, I didn't even realize I was smiling until my face started to hurt!
    I agree with Skippy, and you are definitely on my list of what makes me smile.
    Thank you for all of your positive vibes :)
    Hugs and Love,
    Thank you for sharing your smiles with us!

  6. Oh, and just in case you were wondering if we are paying attention???
    Laughing until you cry is on there twice :) But it deserves to be! That's a really good one, one on my list of favorites :)

  7. What a wonderful way to celebrate 100 posts and what a briliant list. I found myself nodding as I agreed with them and craving a rasberry margarita :)

  8. Congrats on your 100, Col. Well done! I am so impressed by your list of 100 things. That must have taken you an age to compose.

  9. Amazing post....this post has made me smile, nostalgic, happy in a strange way,...and definitely thankful for all that I have....thank you for sharing this post... this is a great idea for a post...I hope you wouldn't mind if I borrowed it...