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Trying to remember that there is always a reason, always something that makes you smile during the day- recognizing the event, person or situation that made you smile will make your day seem that much better.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ahhh...a list...and some fun from Skippy

My headache has gone away.  YAY!! I love acupuncture....
nice and quiet, relaxing me time.  That's seems to be what I needed to have that headache finally let go. Now I am just waiting to emerge from the "hangover"
Today was a pretty good day...busy.
Smiles this week:
hubby being awake and asking about my day every night this week
Actually feeling like I was accomplishing something at work instead of spinning my wheel
people liking my new hair cut and color
Planning a kids party- love it!!
trying Moxie for the first time- not too bad...not my favorite but the three sips were pretty good...and now I can say I've tried it
figuring out a christmas present for my dad--that never happens this early!
warm sheets and a down comforter...
a day off tomorrow...that's the biggest reason for me to smile this week!

From Skippy over at I Make Soap
Here are my answers to your questions:1.  You are having a dinner party for 10 people - who would have [living or dead]?
My niece and four nephews, my great grandmother, my mom, my grandfather, my uncle jim, my uncle red2.  Have you ever had something  bad happen that turned out to be a blessing in disguise?
I talked about this earlier in the week- but yes, there have been many things that have happened at the time that seemed really bad, that I ended up learning something or being able to help someone else as a result.3.  What do you consider your greatest achievement to date?
Nothing in particular comes to mind- graduating from college was a huge accomplishment, staying married for 10 years has been quite an accomplishment!4.  What is the best part of your day?
Coming home to my hubby and my kitties to my own house.  The feeling of truly being home, that place where you can just be yourself, without worrying about anything else....

I tag the people who read my blog...anyone who wants to play
1. What made you start blogging?
2. If you could go anywhere in the world- where would you go and why?
3. Is there anything you have wanted to try, but haven't had the means to do it yet?
4. Where is the one place on earth that you feel most at peace?

Hugs to you all!!


  1. 1. the need to try to sort my head after I found a lump in my breast. To express the fear I couldnt out loud because everybody I love was freaking out and I had to be the strong one.

    2. I would go on a road trip across USA and Canada with my best girlfriend meeting all the wonderful people we have met online

    3. I want to travel around Australia with Hubby in a caravan. We will do this when we retire

    4. I love the beach in the early morning. When my footprints are the first on the sand and the sun is just colouring the sky. I just dont get there often enough

  2. So glad you're finally feeling back to normal (!)Col.
    You've had some good reasons to smile this week!
    Hope you don't mind if I use your questions in my blog in a couple of days.