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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am up insanely early this morning.  I am not really sure why but figured I would write a quick post.  After work tonight we are headed up to my inlaws for Thanksgiving.  They live about 2 hours north (we are hoping for no snow) so it will be late when we get there.
Tomorrow will be a day of cooking, football, entertaining kids and eating.  We have two meals tomorrow- one at hubby's grandmother's and the other at my mother in laws house.
We alternate holidays between my parents and his because they live in opposite directions.  I HATE not being with my family on a holiday.  Christmas is always harder than Thanksgiving, but I still hate it.  After ten years of marriage, I still feel like an outsider when it comes to hubby's mom.  She really just doesn't like me- and no I am not exaggerating, she's told me that.  So it's tough going up there for holidays, knowing that I am not with my family.  However....the kids make me laugh, I love when we get up there and they realize that we are there and come running into the room to say hi, launching themselves at you with the full force of their bodies behind the hugs.  I love that my sister in law and I are like sisters....except most of the time we don't fight...
I love that it makes my hubby happy to be there.  So I suck it up...ignore a lot of comments and concentrate on what's really important.....the time that we get to spend with family, the laughter, the conversations, the board games, the football games, the food....all those things that I have to be thankful for this year and every year.


  1. Enjoy the good parts and have a wonderful holiday.

  2. It must be awful for you, knowing that your mother-in-law doesn't like you, but, hey, it's her loss, especially as you get on so well with your sister-in-law. That's great. I hope you all have a swell (see, I'm talking American again!!!) time up there, and have a safe journey. You are so right to concentrate on the really important things Col.

  3. Been there, done that as the saying goes my friend. All my family are a distance away so I end up being with my wife's folks and some of them are not pleasant to be around either. I suck it up as well and hope it won't last too long and we can be on our way back home. I do hope you find some joy in the day and your travels are safe.

  4. Who could not like you? Did she tell you why she doesn't like you? Does your husband know she doesn't like you? See how protective I am of my 'kids'? lol. Just focus on the fun of being there with the rest of them. Make her uncomfortable!! Happy Thanksgiving sweetie.