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Monday, November 8, 2010


I miss you all so much...feels like forever since I posted last...and really...that last post was very depressing...so...I didn't do my list last week- so I am going to do it tonight...because it is really late, I just finished my homework and my hubby has been in bed for almost three hours....
this weekend was awesome...went up north to see hubby's family.
here are some of the highlights:
new haircut (yay) and my winter color is done.
Planning a birthday party (which is going to be army themed- not pirate themed but still lots of fun , obstacle course, army camp in the living room etc etc)
Shopping with my sister in law for said birthday party (or at least that was the excuse...i swear we were in the shoe store looking for shoes for the kids...boots- what boots??)
Nephews, running full speed up to you, arms out, asking you to save them from the monster (hubby) who was chasing them and then burying their little heads into your neck when you lift them up
The sounds of their laughing
Watching hubby with them as they climb all over him and just want to be close to him
Girls night at my sister in laws house (her hubby was working, my hubby and the kids stayed at the inlaws..) watched He's just not that into you and drank wine, laughed a lot and talked....awesome
good orange marmalade from what I am told
Visiting with my favorite grandmother in law...laughing, and having her smile because we were there.
Coming home, despite the sleet, and having hubby here to reset the furnace in the house (because apparently it isn't resetting when the power goes out- it was 48 degrees in here last night) so that I didn't have to go into the nasty gross basement
Snuggling with my kitties cause they missed us
Now, going to bed with my hubby who probably  has the bed all warmed up already.....I am thinking about each and every one of you tonight and sending lots of positive vibes, good thoughts and blessings out to your corners of the world!!


  1. Your weekend sounds wondeful Col, and I'm sure it did you real good to catch up with everyone. I think you are amazing for these birthday parties that you arrange! Sending you blessings right back from here in England.

  2. You posts always make me smile. Thank you

  3. I love when you do these! YAY a smile list. Your extended family sounds like such a treat - lucky you! :) Can wait to hear all about the party. Go Army!

  4. sounds like you had a great weekend. glad to hear all about it!

  5. i missed u and your smiles!!!
    just got all caught up with u, some really deep post i missed... thank u for sharing such personal things with us.
    i can't comment as much as i would like right now(maybe a good thing!) but have to tell u, u r an amazing woman. and so very wise.
    also, u will be such a great mother.

    love that acupunture post ! that should b what people hear on tapes to calm down, those words from your post!

  6. Great upbear post. Your posts are refreshing!