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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 11: Something people compliment you on the most

My creativity.  I am the first person that someone will call if they have a party, a wedding or an event that people need to have planned on a budget.  I am able to take a hall and turn it into a beautiful wedding with less money than most people spend on a dress.  I am able to pull together a party for a birthday or an anniversary that everyone will remember.
A perfect example of this was my cousin's wedding a few years ago.  She wanted to get married and there was only about $2000 to spend.  And that was on everything.  I was able to turn the gun club that she has it in into a relaxed beachy themed space with a lot of work and a lot of creativity.  Shell shaped salt and pepper shakers were turned into favors, the dollar store was the place to go, my family pitched in and cooked and baked and we served a full meal for 200 people. My mom made the wedding cake and I did all of the flowers and took all of the pictures.  The ceremony was held on the beach and the weather was gorgeous.  My aunt and my friends cooked and served food, the flow of the reception was good and the pictures came out awesome.  It was a day that she will always remember and I was happy to be able to provide that for her.  
When my other cousin decided to get married at my grandparents house, I had a week to plan.  Again the dollar store provided many of the pieces and we were able to put together something classy, low key and pretty.  
The best part is that I love doing it.  I love the challenge...I love the ability to be creative and I love seeing the happy faces, the smiles and the pictures of everyone having a good time.  My sister in law and I often do these together...and we are quite the pair.  We bounce ideas off each other, try to stay within a budget and you can very often see us up to our elbows in hot glue and candles trying to make things look just right.  Someday, the two of us will go into business together....specializing in parties on a budget.  We work well together and both of us come up with some crazy ideas that we bounce off each other, help each other out and are alway willing to just try something new.  
A wedding in a week, a birthday party that will never be forgotten...just give me a minute and I'll figure it out for you!


  1. What a wonderful talent to have, Col. I really envy you, and I can imagine just how happy it makes you feel to see the finished product and see everyone enjoying themselves. You MUST try to set up that business with your sister. I'm sure it would be very successful, especially with everyone having to work to a close budget these days (and it seems that this is how it is in most Countries).

  2. Nic...that is a gift! If you enjoy it that much try doing it on the side to see if you would really want to do it for a living. Advertise on Craigslist. People on a tight budget use Craigslist for everything. I enjoy decorating and planning events too but not to the extent that you obviously have a knack for. You are amazing!

  3. Wonderful talent indeed. And twice as nice when you have a compatriot in crime to work with. Congratulations on a stunning "something" that folks compliment you upon. The Olde Bagg

  4. Awesome - can you please come plan my Christams party....heehee.

    Seriously - I wish I had a 10th of that kind of talent Col. I can barely set a table - and to have your sil as your partner, how neat!


  5. that is totally awesome! i love to plan stuff like that, too. but, i don't... lol - like skippy, i barely get the table set.