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Monday, November 22, 2010

Exhausting Monday

Yep..it's Monday....it's almost over...thank goodness.
However...my very first call this morning cracked me right up.
Some highlights:
1) The man sang to me- a song by someone (I don't remember whom)- using nikki as my name- I HATE the name nikki...you would think having told him that I haven't been called that since I was about ten would have clued him in- but nope- every other word out of his mouth was nikki
2) Being sworn to secrecy that I wouldn't tell the National Republican Committee that he used to be a heavy metal singer in germany because they gave him an award
3) another song that I don't remember being sung to me
4) A thirty minute (mind you my average call length is three minutes) diatribe about how no one is trying to keep "his" people down and the "others" needed to stop hating and start understanding that it's not their fault.

I don't think i am going to get an account out of him- but man he was fun...
The leftover crazy from the full moon was out in full force today!
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  1. Wait a minute...let me get this straight...David Hasselhoff called you this morning?? SWEET!!! :)

    hed www.hedabovewater.com

  2. Don't you just love the full moon and all the loonies that come out with it. Had my share today.

  3. That full moon sure has a lot to answer for!!!

  4. Damn...how do I get one of those? lol

  5. lol....seems like you got a good laugh out of the call... :)