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Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 12: Something someone never compliments you on

People never compliment me on......I don't know.  I don't look for compliments on very many things.  I work hard and I play hard and if someone notices that's great...but I don't do things for other people to notice....I do them for myself.
So here are some things that no one would ever compliment me on:
My housecleaning skills- because they are not good.  My house is in a perpetual state of disarray and I am okay with that.  Given two hours I would much rather go take pictures, read a book, get a root canal than clean my house.  I have a two hour rule- people need to call me at least two hours before they come to my house.  Why? Because in two hours I can make it look like two adults live in this house as opposed to a bunch of college kids!
My wardrobe- I love to shop.  Really do...love to put together outfits but I literally spend ten minutes in the morning before I walk out of the door to go to work getting ready.  I don't wear makeup- I have only done my hair this week because this new cut is so easy- and I very rarely wear jewelry.  I have a ton of jewelry- pieces that my hubby has picked out for me and stuff that I have made...I just never wear it.  It's so bad that people will ask me if I have a job interview on the rare occasions that I put on makeup and put on a pair of earrings...I need to get better at this!
Planning ahead- I don't plan ahead- I like to think that I can still fly by the seat of my pants- a weekend trip someplace sure, a visit with a friend tomorrow I'll be there. But a dinner date in two weeks- forget it.  I have a calendar on my phone that acts as my planner and most of the time, that's not completed.  Homework due- it will be done the night of- not before.  I thought that with age this would get better- but it really doesn't.  if anything it has gotten worse.  I rebel against planning and structure.  I want to be able to just go and do- unfortunately that's not always possible- and it certainly doesn't work for my friends that have kids.  I am working on it.
Patience- I am not a patient person- at all.  I can fake this pretty well- but really, I am not good at it.  I hate it when things don't go the way that I plan- I hate it when I have to wait on someone else to get things done.  I am a big supporter of the fact that most of the time, it's easier to just do it myself.  In most situations at work I can fake patience with some degree of success- but at home forget it.  I want it done, don't care what you need to do to make it happen.
So while I may not get compliments on these things, I certainly don't deserve to get compliments on them either :)


  1. I think you've got your priorities just about right Col!, especially where the house is concerned. Good for you. So, there you are, I shall compliment you on concentrating on the important things in life!

  2. I too want to compliment you on all of those things lol :)
    Good for you not being obsessed with how the house looks (reading that always makes ME feel better haha)
    I compliment you for doing it your way, doing things that work for YOU!

  3. I miss vacuuming [sounds weird, but I do] other than that - I could care less about dust and clutter. So I, too, compliment you doing it your way. What are we going to remember at the end of the day - the polished floor or the awesome book we read.

    And the same thing happens when I put on make up - my kids want to know where I am going. hee

  4. The house cleaning will always be there when you come back from a spur of the moment get away. It will be there when you get back from fun family gatherings. While I don't like dirt, my house is lived in and there's always a to-do on my cleaning list. Life's too short. Enjoy the hell out of it.

  5. Like the others I would like to compliment you on having good sense. The house, meme...doing something that makes you feel better or let's you learn something new or different, two thumbs up. I thought it was just me that hated long term responsibilities.....I even get sorta outta sorts by having plans to have to hafta do something in the future. Wow, you made my day. The Olde Bagg

  6. Hi....I came across this blog entry and couldn't agree more on the household chores, dressing up and patience points... nice post... :)