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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday's List

I am terribly behind on my commenting.  I stayed down by work last night again because of the snow and had a date night with my hubby, so I didn't turn on the computer all night.  I am sorry and I will catch up tomorrow.
This week it has been freezing cold but my hubby has been great all week.
He made my favorite dinner, made sure my car was warmed up before I had to leave and even put gas in it one night this week.
The processes at work are starting to actually work and I have a glimmer of hope to make goal....thank goodness..I hate starting the year off behind the eight ball.
Vacation is one week closer...I can almost taste the blue margarita's and feel the sun's warmth.
I had a long talk with my grandmother tonight and wished my grandfather a happy 80th birthday.  I love talking to them and my grandfather is one of the most admirable people that I know.  I am lucky to have the relationship I have with them.
I have reconnected with an old friend for the first time in ages...and it feels like just yesterday that we talked...I love those feelings
A new job opportunity at work that I need to get my resume together for is out and I am excited about throwing my hat in the ring for it.
Hubby has a new job that he is applying for..which will be good for him...and us.
Acupuncture was good last night
The Steelers won their game on Sunday.  Always great to cheer on my hometown team
I love it when my hubby goes to sleep before I do and I crawl into bed next to him and he pulls me close to warm me up...makes me smile every time!
Talking with my mom tonight, trying to figure out a "girls" weekend for my aunt's 50th birthday....it will be fun to go away with them and just have some solid bonding time
That's all for right now...hope all is good in your corners of the world...know that I am thinking about each and everyone of you and sending out positive vibes to you all


  1. Thank you for the positive vibes, Col. What a lovely post. Everything going so well at the moment. That's always good to hear, especially during this dreary time of the year. Never mind, January is almost over. I love it that your husband is so caring and loving towards you, as I am sure you are with him. Have a good weekend, and keep warm!

  2. Except for the temperature and snow that was a very positive post my friend. Glad things are going smoothly for you and your hubby. Stay warm & happy.

  3. You are so sweet Nic. Glad things are going well for you. I need those posi vibes bigtime here. They do help. Big hugs!!

  4. what a great list. I also like slipping into bed and being pulled close. I usually stay up later than hubby for several reasons...he snores for the first hour or so and if I go to bed too early, I'll have insomnia in the wee hours.

  5. sounds like life is looking good for you :) enjoy.

  6. Thanks for the wishes...I'm glad to know that you're having a happy time.... nice to hear that...