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Friday, January 7, 2011

Another random conversation with hubby

I love my husband....I really really do but sometimes I wonder about him...
He called me today...he was on his way to Walmart to pick up some prescriptions and asked me if I needed him to pick anything up while he was there.
I am making cupcakes for my bosses birthday on Monday that sound really yummy (Raspberry Lime Cloud cupcakes...I will post the recipe if they turn out okay)...so I gave him a list of stuff that i needed.  Some of the things included on the list were frozen raspberries, a bag of limes, sugar, butter, eggs, flour etc.  I was on the phone with my mom on the way home from work and he called me....three times....
Hubby: Do you want self rising flour or unbleached flour
Me: Unbleached flour (the regular kind that you always buy for me when I bake)
Hubby: Okay thanks.
talk a bit more to my mom (she is trying to talk me out of driving to Florida next week to go to my grandfather's 80th birthday party because it is 1600 miles and gas is crazy right now and we have no idea about the weather on the East Coast) phone beeps again
Hubby: Do you want unsalted or salted butter
Me: Unsalted.
Hubby: Okay- how about finely granulated sugar or regular
Me: Regular
Hubby: Okay thanks
I get back on the phone with my mother laughing....she asks me what is so funny and I describe the conversation to her.  I can just imagine hubby in Walmart (where you never have a signal on your cell phone and have to stand on one foot and lean in the opposite direction to keep a signal..frustrating)
Another beep- mom says she has to go get dinner started but to call her and tell her what he wants
Hubby: What size eggs do you want
Me: I don't know...large I guess...I don't think it really matters.
Hubby: Well they have medium, large, extra large, brown, white, organic, and like four different kinds.
Me: Umm...what ever is the cheapest large eggs.
Hubby- Well the cheapest per egg or per package.
me: Whatever you want.
Hubby: Okay
Me: Any other questions about anything else
Hubby: Do you think I can't figure things out for myself?  It's not  my fault you weren't specific enough
Me: Okay hunny- I love you and really appreciate you picking all this stuff up for me.

Honestly- sometimes I wonder if he does it so I stop asking him to pick me up stuff....and then another part of me thinks that he is slightly OCD and makes things way too complicated.


  1. For men everywhere....we would never make something "difficult" just so you wouldn't ask us to do it again ;-)

  2. My mom would write down aisle numbers and positions on the shelves [top, middle, bottom - half way down the aisle etc.] and colors of the boxes she wanted along with the full names for my Dad.

    Your hubs is just trying to get it right the first time so he doesn't have to go back is all.

    You would think if they shop enough with us to begin with [which Pooldad does] they have it down. heehee

    He does all our shopping now - well, most of it - and I am just happy to have food at the end of the day. ;D [I am kidding. He is good at it.]

  3. It's a man thing. Like when they cook everything has to be precise. I swear my hubby used a ruler once when the recipe called for 1 inch cubes of meat

  4. Personally girl I feel for him. You see when men go shopping it is a mission and we usually know exactly what we need and do exactly that so we don't need any questions in the process. It is a man thing. Enjoyed the post by the way.

  5. Good post! Typical man. My husband doesn't go shopping, but he did once, after I had been to hospital, and he was gone about 2 hours (and got a lot of help from the shop assistants, I think!).LOL!