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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Productive weekend

So far it's been an extremely productive weekend.  Yesterday we cleaned and cooked and cleaned some more- my house is starting to look less like a bunch of five year olds live here unsupervised and more like a couple of adults live here.
We cooked.....another batch of beef stew using up some of the veggies from the crop share that we bought into this year.  I made French onion soup from the onions we had from the same place....so that's all put up and in the freezer and refrigerator for lunches this week.  Dishes are done, floors are mopped etc etc....it was a productive day yesterday.
Today's agenda...I need to work on my resume.  I don't have an  updated resume and I need one to submit for a new job at my office.  I HATE writing resumes...but that's okay...it is what it is and I will get it done today.

There's a question floating around my circle of friends- one that Caterpillar from Musing and Confessions of a wandering mind posed in her blog yesterday.  I am delighted by the insightfulness of my friends and think that it teaches other about how you perceive yourself.  The question was "what do you see when you look in a mirror?"
I thought about this on my trip around the blogsphere this morning.  What do I see when I look in the mirror-
The eyes that are the mirror to my soul, that hold the depth of all the emotion in my being.  I see a face that knows what her definition of hell is.  I see someone who doesn't look as young as she used to look.  Someone who needs to choose a healthier life style.
Someone who wears her emotions on her face, no matter how hard she tries not to.
 Someone who truly tries to look at every single day as a gift....although sometimes it's the pj's from Great Aunt Muriel- it's still a gift.
Someone who has watched friends and family cry because of her- watched her mother acknowledge that she might lose her child- watched her father breakdown- watched them pull it back together again
someone who's face didn't give away how desperate she felt when that happened and who for the first time was able to hide the emotions and be strong for them.
Someone who came through that trial- who learned how to smile again- learned how to function-
someone who learned how to appreciate the little things and know that the big things will always work themselves through-
 I see someone who looks for one person a day who's life is better because of something she did.  I see a person who loves deeply, allows emotion to flow freely.
I see someone who will put a friend before anything else, who will laugh and cry during a movies, who will be the first one in and the last one to leave.
Someone who knows how fragile life is,
Someone who knows that life is just the bag you've been given- it's up to you to fill it with experiences, good and bad, emotional, demanding- it's yours to do with what you see fit- your actions will always speak louder than the words, but the words are important too.
When I look in the mirror, I see someone who wants all the joy and sadness that life can bring, because in that joy and in that sadness are the moments in life that not only make it worth living but also make me the person that I am.


  1. You've certainly had a busy weekend, but I bet you feel better for it. I know I always do! As to the question, I answered that on Cat's post, and I see that Odie and Teresa have done the same post today, but it's a good one. Hope you're managing to have a bit of a relax today.

  2. You sure have been busy and it was so special to read what you see. I loved being able to know you better with each expression. Thanks for a great post.

  3. This was a very insightful post, and it tells us so much about how strong a person you are...thank you for sharing this post...

  4. This was so insightful. I loved it. (As usual)

  5. If you get bored...there's always cleaning and cooking to be done at my house :-)

  6. Such a beautiful post from a truly beautiful person.