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Monday, January 31, 2011


I know that I posted last week about loving my alone time....
I do savor it...I love staying in a hotel...i love being five minutes from work....literally rolling out of bed and being at work in five minutes is something that I wish I could do more often...
This will be the third week in a row with at least one night in a hotel room....
Last week the lady at the desk recognized me- kinda scary...
I wish that it was just for fun that I was staying there again tomorrow and Weds...but it's not..
like most of the country we are supposed to get some crazy weather tomorrow and Weds.  how crazy you ask- they are talking about 20 ish inches of snow- and that's on the conservative side they say.
I am not really sure where we are going to put it all- I already have snow up to my window.
I guess it will be an easy way to keep the beer cold over the weekend though- just need to put the screen up in the window and reach out to the snow bank....saves on ice I suppose!
It is really just utter craziness...I still dream about warmer climates and drinks in my hand....but making the best of this I guess....i will build a snow man in my driveway for the plow guy to run over and enjoy yet another night in a hotel room all by myself...who knows maybe I will even start the fifteen page paper that I have due next Monday for this class....
next week I am away for a couple of days for our national sales meeting in Boston which could be quite fun....
But for now I am going to go digging through the mountain of clean laundry on top of my dryer and attempt to find warm clothes to pack...
hope that you are all doing well..hugs and love to all..


  1. Please be safe - and know that is the point of the hotel room. I would find it comforting that the hotel clerk remembered me - it means they like you and care. Believe me they do [I used to work in the marketing office of a hotel] and the front desk always welcomes back nice people.

    Try and stay warm. I don't know what is up with this weather but I hope it stops for y'all soon.

    Hugs and love sweetie!

  2. I used to be a Head Receptionist in a Hotel and it is a very good sign that they recognise you, shows that you are a pleasant customer and that because of that they will bend over backwards to make your stay as lovely as possible. Keep warm :)

  3. Do take care concentrate on being safe. I know it seems like this winter will last forever but it will be over soon. Hugs my friend.

  4. Nic...I'm sure you are at least getting good sleep at night in a hotel. Least I hope so. I just spoke to my grandkids in CT and they are off from school yet again. They'll end up with no summer vacation if this keeps up. But it's February and that means spring is closer. Sending hugs and stay safe.

  5. i love hotel stays. and being close to work is awesome!

    i hate snow!

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  6. Yeah we are looking at some snow this week too. Although my house is closer than any hotel. Please be safe!

  7. i'm with them... glad the hotel clerk recognized you. hope the forecast is not correct. but, we're getting the snow, too. ick.

  8. I think most of us are getting a bit fed up with the snow now! Keep warm, Col and keep safe .

  9. I heard about the snow...it sounded pretty bad....take care of yourself...

  10. I have never lived where it snows here we have just come out of a heatwave the last couple of days it has been cooler but also muggy.

    It is good that the hotel staff remember you they only remember the great customers or the truly awful ones and I am sure you are not one of the awful ones.....lol