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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday List

I am doing everything except for the homework I need to be doing right now....
I made it home tonight...which is great....I am quite excited about that....I just don't sleep as well in hotels as I do in my own bed....
This has been a pretty rough week...lots of changes at work....they will be good changes...but to get to the good there is always some bad...that's all I can really say about it right now....but it will be good...
I think we ended up with almost 18 inches of snow up here....all I have to say is thank goodness for the plow guy....he is worth every penny I pay him when we get this much snow...so nice to stay around the corner from my office, wake up and drive about 3 minutes to get this morning and come home to the driveway being cleared and a huge pile of snow in the middle of the yard.  A few years ago we made a dragon in the snow bank up the driveway ( I should find a picture...I know Skippy! (Love ya)) so I wonder what we will make this year....

Okay...I have to go finish this assignment...be back in a bit...

Okay...that's done...super easy to procrastinate this homework stuff...I hate it! But I am almost done....
So what made me smile this week?
We really didn't do anything this weekend....hung around the house and baked and cooked and stuff...which is always nice.  The winter tends to make me hibernate.  I love to be on the go during the summer and am running here there and everywhere...but during the winter nothing makes me happier than changing into my comfy clothes when i get home on Friday and not putting real clothes on until Monday morning.
The cats are getting along better...which is good...currently I have two curled up next to me with the adopted one on the floor at my feet.
I got an award...that I haven't passed on yet..but I promise I will....hopefully I will be able to catch up tomorrow ( I keep saying that)
This coming weekend is a long weekend and I am sneaking out a bit early tomorrow so that I can get started early....
the elves haven't come to clean my house yet....I keep waiting for them...I am not sure when they are going to show up...I think i have to clean it myself this weekend...I love it when it's clean but for real...i am not sure where I am going to find the energy...so I am choosing to smile at the fact that it looks lived in...
We are ending week one of no spending money except for gas ( and apparently a hotel room for the snow)....we didn't do too badly....if it hadn't snowed it would have been really good.
The sun was out today....seriously I got to work and there were twenty five foot piles of snow with a blue sky and the sun shining...it was a little crazy...
I am hoping that sunshine will stick for a few days so that I can get some pictures of the snow...
peanut butter toast for dinner tonight made me smile...I wasn't in the mood for anything else and as I said to hubby...I am 30 something and old enough to make a separate dinner for myself if I want to ( followed by a so there and me sticking my tongue out at him)
I am  half way done with this class
Your posts, funny stories, comments and blog love this week...that has made me smile...and blogger deciding to work for me at the moment.

I think that's it...but I did find a couple of pictures to share with you..(they are all cell phone pics...I am sorry that the resolution is so bad..)


  1. I think the elves have boycotted. Somehow my house is still dirty too. ;D

    And if those kitties could be any cuter I think I would pass out. The last picture just makes me smile! Yippppeeee!

  2. Glad you are doing OK & just hang in there and maybe the snow will be gone before too long. Loved your pictures. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

  3. Nic...Those kitties are too damn cute. OMG that is a priceless picture. Hugs.

  4. Col, really enjoyed the post, and the little cats are beautiful! Hope the snow clears for you fairly soon. I'm like you in the Winter. Think I should hibernate and not re-appear again til the end of March! Have a good weekend. I really HAVE to do some housework this weekend :(

  5. well, the elves sure as heck didn't show up here, either. darntheluck...

    cute, cute kitties. i love cats but there are some people around these parts with serious cat allergies. darn people. lol

  6. Kewl dragon...and you need to teach me that "spending no money" thing :-)