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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Alone Time!!

It is snowing again.  Like eight inches on the ground..probably another two to go before it switches over to ice and freezing rain.  I really am not trying to make a habit of this.
Alas, hubby couldn't join me tonight.
I love him and I miss him...but really I am stretched out on a great big bed all to myself....
I get to not talk to anyone tonight if I don't want to.
I don't have to share the covers, listen to anyone snore, snuggle with my kitties, hear purring or the crasiness of them running at top speed across the room and crashing into something.
I don't have to share the bathroom in the morning, worry about the alarm going off earlier than I need to be up, don't need to wait for the car to warm up, driving forever.
Sigh...yes, I do enjoy my alone time....I do enjoy being around the corner from my office...
i will miss the warmth of my hubby next to me when it gets cold in the middle of the night...
My coffee pot being ready in the morning
My morning talk with my aunt.
Kissing my hubby goodbye..
My nice comfy bed with two comforters to make sure I am toasty warm.
My kitties who although they annoy me, snuggling up next to me on bed keeping me warm.
I was up super early this morning...like before 4am...which was not good... so I am tired...so I might actually get some sleep.  I will miss my hubby...but will enjoy my alone time tonight!!


  1. Take advantage of the alone time, crank up the heat and watch TV until you fall asleep. Sounds relaxing if anything.

  2. that is nice even though it's w/o hubby. i totally understand about being close to the office on bad days. i hope that once we move out of the city that they'll let me work from home on the really bad days. enjoy your 'me' time.

  3. alone time can be good for the soul I always think

  4. I love my alone time too and it does not come often enough. Unfortunately for me I live almost 40 miles from my office. An hour a day on the interstate burning that overpriced gas. Stay warm and cozy and have a safe and happy day. :)

  5. Hey....enjoy the rare 'me' time you get...though the weather could be better...

  6. I think most of enjoy that 'time alone' - snuggle up and make the most of it. Bliss!

  7. I am alone so much I crave the end of the day when the family come home. Like I tell Wallene every morning when she says "See you at 4 o'clock Momma" I reply "It's the best part of my day." And it is.

    I do appreciate why other people love it tho' - I understand.