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Sunday, January 16, 2011


I feel so loved after my post from the other night...
You guys are the best!!
I have new followers (hi there!! hope you like what you see)..
I have to thank Chief aka Dad for an awesome award..
Warm Fuzzy Award!"
There are no rules to this one...so I am gong to hang onto it for a little while..So thanks to Chief aka Dad...go check out his place : Unsound Reasoning

I did get another award from Thisisme over at Southhamsdarling the other day:

This one I have to do some work for.  Let's see according to her you have to give the award away to people and for every person you pass the information along to, you need to share a random thing about yourself.
It does appear that most people have received this award in my little blog world.  I am passing this along to:
Hed over at Hed Above Water- She is an amazing writer who is very real in her writing.  
Teresa over at The Middle Side of Life- She has a ton of stuff going on in her life right now and handles it with grace, dignity and an unwavering faith that I admire.
Tina over at My Day- She is on a journey that many of us undertake ...of weight loss...to make healthier choices...and is honest with herself and those who are reading about her journey of her highs and lows.

I know that there are many others that are worthy of the award- but many of you have already received it....

Since I have only chosen three people, I only need to share three things right??
1) I am working on getting my MBA...I am going through an online program.  and am almost done.
2) I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, went through chemo several times and now have a clean bill of health
3) I hate the snow and yet live in one of the snowiest places in the northeast...the things that we do for love....

I am definitely feeling the blog love this weekend...thanks...I am looking forward to a day off tomorrow....the elves didn't come again this weekend...so I will need to make things presentable again on my day off....hope that everyone has an awesome day!!


  1. Nic...I hope you have a terrific day off. Enjoy it. That post the other day hit a lot of people with how thoughtful and kind you really are. And how lucky we all are to know you. Hugs sweetie!!

  2. YAY! Thanks Col! And grats on the award!


  3. Congrats on the award. Warm fuzzies are always special.

  4. Congratulations to a most deserved friend. We would be lost without you in our family.

  5. I love that Warm Fuzzy Award. I haven't seen that one before! Congratulations, and also on your new Followers. You certainly deserve lots more, Col! Glad you felt the love! Well done you, on going for your MBA.

  6. Congrats on your award! I came over from Dad's place and I plan on sticking around!

  7. Thanks! I'll have to get this posted this week to my blog and pass it on.

    appreciate it - and congrats to you. You are a sweetie, for sure.

  8. Thank you so much! That just lifted my spirits :)
    And congrats to you on the awards!!!
    Been away a couple days, and I see you're hopping on the treadmill, Go girl!!! You make me want to work harder on mine! :)