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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursdays list

Okay...I think that Blogger is working again....it's been a crazy start to the new year...
With promises of stories of our New Year's Eve to come....my list of smiles include some of the goings on from that evening:
Staying up way too late, pretending we were way younger than we are, playing drinking games
Christmas with the nephews- their smiles are priceless when they open the things that I know that they really wanted
Watching them enjoy the inflatable go carts bought to go with the Wii- they dragged those things around the whole house- they were their seats for the whole weekend
Spending Sunday as part of hubby's family and enjoying the talks that were going on- without drama
Midlife crisis this week during a lunch with hubby- and him completely placating me and what I want to do (more coming on this one)
A new year at work- brand new year, brand new opportunities
Winning a contest at work- so nice to be recognized for working my butt off..
Being on the treadmill several days this week (finally)
Processing a ton of vegetables to freeze
yummy dinner tonight with hubby
Leaving work early today because I needed to go to the grocery store (how insane is it that I had to take time off to go to the grocery store)
A weekend...to myself with my hubby doing nothing....except for cooking and cleaning..but no where to go other than here.
A new focus for the year...haven't figured out yet what that might be- but aren't the possibilities exciting?

By the way- one of the most honest, true-to-herself, bloggers is hosting a contest- she is looking for healthy recipes for her to create....her tastes are similar to mine- so you should check her out and pass along any recipes you have to her (and me too while your at it...we can all eat healthier)...Hed Above Water

Also- Bloggie nominations are going on right now- read here: great blog and definitely worth voting for if you are into that: Isaiah's Eyes

Stories abound from our New Year's and a crazy week this week....blogger seems to be working again so hopefully I will be back with those soon....I am thinking Saturday morning with a cup of coffee.....hugs to you all!


  1. Sounds like you've had a lovely Christmas and new year.......I love the idea of the inflateable go carts. Hope the year proves to be as exciting as it promises!

  2. I needed your list this morning. Thanks Co.

  3. Glad things seem to be going your way girl and we all need times like that. Can't wait to hear more about the new years stuff and catch up. Have a marvelous weekend.

  4. Always such a pleasure to read your posts. Love your outlook. Hugs.

  5. hey - thanks for the plug on Isaiah's blog. He's such a joy to us.

    love your list of smiles! sounds like you got the new year off to a great start.

  6. A new focus could be new recipes! Just sayin' :)

    Thanks for the blog love, I added you to the contest!