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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Advertising Jingles...

Ever had an advertisement jingle in your head....like all day...
I have...today...hubby and I had another day of quality time together....we found him another jacket and returned the one that we bought yesterday..
One of his friends sent him a text message...he had eaten at Red Robin and sent a pic of the burger that he had eaten...so..you know what jingle was in my head??
Red Robin.....yummmm
All day....randomly in the car...randomly at home had me singing Red Robin....yumm..

Then we went out to lunch and there was an acoustical guitarist there....the last song we heard was Mr. Sandman...
So I was switching between the two...except that I could remember the lyrics to Mr. Sandman..just random words here and there....

So it was a pretty crazy day...full of smiles...and hoping that my team will pull out the win tonight...and go for their seventh superbowl win....we will see...


  1. Nice post. Yes I do know Red Robin and now will probably be singing that all day. Thanks I think!!

  2. I know...its in my head now too :)

  3. I am a Jets fan - so you know how happy I AM right now. giggle.

    Congrats on your teams win. At least I know my beloved MIL [Steelers die hard fan] will answer my call in the morning.

    Hugs to you and YES! I will be rooting on your team in the Super Bowl. Weeehaw!

  4. Well my friend I have heard of Red Robin & seen the commercial but have never been to one. My head tune is the Jeopardy music that plays during final Jeopardy.

  5. Living over here in England, I don't know the Red Robin advert but, my goodness me, that Mr Sandman song certainly took me back a decade or two (or three!!). Have a good week.