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Monday, January 10, 2011


It was a Monday that needed to be managed
stayed home a bit later than usual this morning because the guy was coming to switch out the water meter.
Managed to lose my engagement ring, my cell phone and my car keys.
Managed to barely avoid a major panic attack
Managed to avoid the urge to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head
Managed to find two of the three things (the third was my engagement ring which hubby found...apparently my kitties like it too...they are all lucky to be alive right now...I love them to pieces but sometimes.....)
Managed to talk to the water guy without him knowing I was on the verge of a panic attack
Managed to spill coffee in my car and forget my yogurt for lunch
Managed to get all the way to work safely
Managed to have a semi-productive day where only two or three people yelled at me or hung up on me
Managed to get to acupuncture and have a semi productive session of relaxation- although not completely....I must get better at shutting off my brain
Managed to get home, cook dinner (breakfast for dinner...I needed comfort food...waffles), watch a bit of tv with my hubby and just finish a six page paper
Managed to make it through the day with no bumps, no bruises and a smile on my face when I think about going to bed.
Oh and managed to finally book a vacation in Mexico at the beginning of April....I can't wait to get out of here....but it's way to early for the countdown to begin :)

Ps- Thisisme gave me an amazing award that I promise I will get back to tomorrow.

PPS- Here is a picture of the go carts..since they are not my kids I can't show their faces but trust me they are about the cutest seven and three year old I know....they had a blast with the go carts....


  1. Col - You managed (!) to create a really clever post there. Thank goodness the engagement ring was found. At least you've got something great to look forward to now, with your holiday in Mexico. Great! Those go-karts are really cool!!

  2. Love, love, love the go carts.

    Glad you were able to get acupuncture at the end of the day to help relax. Some days are just like this.

    Good job managing it. I would've been back in bed. :)

    And tell the kitties I said "Boo" on them. Bad kitties. Glad you found it.

  3. Too bad that Mexico trip is not tomorrow. Seems you could really use it. You did "manage" to give us an entertaining post today even though I was feeling sorry for you at the same time. Hang in there my friend.

  4. Great post! I know how you feel. I hate when a perfectly good day spins out of contol! Glad it ended well :)

  5. Nic...Great post even though you had to endure some of this wasn't so great. Mexico. So happy for you! Need someone to carry your bags? We are free in April. hahahaha Hugs.

  6. You had a lot to manage! But the best part is you managed to smile anyway, and fine something good :)
    That's why we love ya!

    Glad you got that vacation booked! I hope it's just what the doctor ordered :) You deserve it!