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Friday, January 7, 2011

Rousing conversations

I had to laugh the other day....
We were sitting at dinner with hubby's family.  Him and I, my sister in law and her husband, hubby's aunt and uncle, my mother in law and father in law.  We were discussing a million different things... but the conversation came up about having laptops.  There is one thing that hubby and I have an argument about on a regular basis and that is my use of my laptop. He gets upset because I sit on the couch with him and play on the computer (seriously, I am addicted to facebook- not good) while he watches television.  Well, this conversation came up while we were sitting at the table.  Hubby gets mad because I don't sit here and watch television with him.  Well apparently, we are not the only ones who have this argument.  His mother and his aunt have the same argument. We had a rather heated conversation about it...and it was pretty funny that the argument was the same on the men's side versus the women's side.  It made me laugh that this seems to be a pretty universal argument.
Is there anything that you and your significant other discuss that you find yourself talking about around the dinner table with friends and family?


  1. Not so much that we talk about but I get ill at my wife for being addicted to her cell phone. I am watching TV and see something I want her to see and say for her to look but she can't stop texting long enough to look. It is forever making the repetitive text alert from someone else that can't stop texting. I give up.

  2. I'm a laptop junkie and Bruce is too. But because I have a new "blog" family I think there might be a touch of jealousy there. Too bad!

  3. I am addicted to facebook too lol. Tell him to be happy you have a laptop... at least you are in the same room with him and can have conversation. I'm in a totally different room on my computer lol.
    (But he is addicted to the PS3 and Xbox 360, so we don't argue about it lol)

  4. I don't really have a problem, thank goodness, because whilst I'm downstairs on my laptop, blogging or playing Scrabble, my husband is upstairs dealing with his multiple e-mails!

  5. i take my laptop into the living room to "watch" tv with ron. half the time, i get started watching something and ask him a question - or talk about a scene - and he's had his eyes closed for just a moment... yeah, right... sleeping. so now, i just look up and go back to typing or reading.

  6. We don't argue about much - and since there isn't a whole lot of extended family we don't have a lot of those conversations. But I do enjoy talking to my BF, my MIL and comparing notes on her husband and my husband [her son.] That's fun. They are so alike, but that just makes me lucky.

    As for the computer. Pooldad supports my blog and my use of the internet so he always wants to know what's going on, but I can watch TV with him while I am on it. [It is about the only multi task I can do. hee] So he never gets cranky if I am not quite paying attention. :D

    Hope you are having a great day Co!

  7. I don't have a significant other...sad but true...but I have the same issues with my darling daughter's, Jumble Mash included, that Odie has with his wife...TEXTING!!!

  8. My obsessive checking my blog is something that ticks him off...

  9. My family, though they love that I write, don't understand why I have such passion for my blog and why I'm excited when I share stories or get blog awards from other people.


  10. That is why I have a space just for my blog, leave the man in front of the tv, let him snore in his recliner alone, nothing in my wedding contract said I have to stay in the same room with him!

    I could not laptop in there anyway, the tv's too loud!