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Monday, January 17, 2011

Day off

Well, I have the day off....and am trying to get motivated.
I just hopped off the treadmill...so nice that's done for the day.  I am trying to be good about getting on it everyday....it hasn't been the easiest thing..but I say even fifteen minutes is better than none.  I ended up with forty five minutes today...not winning any marathons yet but that's okay....food network is the only thing I am finding on tv so Ina and Rachel were my entertainment on the treadmill.
The elves haven't come yet so I should get to cleaning my house.  I did all the dishes and the kitchen is cleaned up so that's a start...and probably as far as I am going to get.  Hubby woke me up this morning when he left and it was so nice to roll back over on his side of the bed and fall back asleep.
This is week number two of spending no money during the week except on gas.  We went to the grocery store yesterday to stock up and found some great deals on citrus fruits so it will be grapefruit for breakfast all week...yum.
My kitties are all snuggled up...they are happy that I am home and are snuggled up.
I also have homework to do today and I should get that done before hubby gets home.  I will work on it for a little while and then I think we are having shrimp tacos for dinner tonight.
I am, like many others, looking for good, quick recipes if anyone has some to share.
I love long weekends and am actually excited to go back to work today.  We are making some really good changes and it will be good to jump in and start something new...
This is a very rambling post....the sun is shining...it is cold outside and we are headed for another very messy winter storm this week....someone on my reading list made the point that winter is almost half over already and the days are getting longer...it's always nice to see the sun peeking out by the time I get off the interstate to go to work in the morning...leaving in the light is a little bit more difficult but that's okay....
I am going to go try to get my homework done....that will  be a good step to get done and who knows maybe I will jump on the treadmill after dinner....
Hope that you all are enjoying your day....


  1. I'm impressed with you going on the treadmill, Col. Won't it be lovely when those days start to really lengthen and we're not waking up in the dark. Won't be long!! I love the way you talk about the elves. They never come to my house either :(

  2. Hi Sweet Lady, so glad you are having some relaxing time and keeping your kitties happy.
    2 recipes: Kabobs - Skewer on to soaked sticks kilbasa or chicken pieces then green pepper and then onion then pineapple chunk then repeat and place under the broiler turning as needed. I put BBQ sauce on mine.
    The other is my crock pot easy chicken, put any cuts of chicken in crock pot and cover with a mixture of cream of chicken & cream of celery soup and later it is heavenly.
    Hope this helps.

  3. I had a great, quick dinner tonight...left overs from Olive Garden popped in the microwave :-) Oh, the joys of being a single man!

  4. I dont get visits from the housework fairies either. Mind, I would need a platoon of them to sort the mess I am currently in.