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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sad night tonight

I have a bunch of posts to write about this weekend....
but tonight, I am going to ask that you send some positive thoughts this way..
We had to put down the outside cat tonight.
She is one that sort of came with the house...as in she was here before we were...
We have fed her and taken her to the vet and let her inside when it was cold out.
It's very sad...
Hubby was pulling up the driveway tonight and she ran in front of the truck..
He couldn't stop in time...
He is...well quite frankly...a mess.
There is nothing that can be said that will make it better..
but maybe if all my blog friends can send out some positive thoughts, his heart might start to heal..
I promise a more upbeat post tomorrow.
This was her after we shaved her last summer.
RIP Jasmine.

Love and hugs to you all tonight!!


  1. I am so sorry for your loss, we had a similar incident with our beloved Naila 2 months ago ... we miss our dog so much!

  2. OH, my sweet friend. I am so, so, so sorry. I wish I was there to put my arms around you both and cry with you. As you said no words can make it better but I am sitting here thinking that she did, at least, have you when the former owners abandoned her - and you did make her life a bit more comfortable and loving. It's not much Col, I know, but it is a bit of solace. Really I am sorry. Please give your husband my love too.