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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 22

how big's the turkey?
Someone google how long it needs to be cooked.
We have to get up at what time?
What time are we eating?
Who's gonna call Nan and tell her to be here by noon?
How many times can we trip over each other in the kitchen?
What can I help with?
Auntie, teach my how to peel carrots.
Honey, can you cut up onions?
Here, go set the table?
Behind you.
Got it.
All set.
Everybody in the dining room.
Pass the turkey
Pass your plate, the container's hot
Pass to your right, no pass to the left.
No skipping people to get something faster.
I want apple pie
I want pumpkin
Nanny is there any chocolate pie.
It's time for football.
I'll do the dishes
It's time for another glass of wine
Who wants to play cards?
Make sure you take leftovers with you.
There were lots of smiles...lots to be thankful for...lots to soak in.
There was a lot of noise, a bit of yelling and many smiles throughout the day.
At the end of the day, when I think I ate more in one day than I did all week, I looked around at all of us, sacked out on couches, sitting on laps, sitting in recliners watching the home town team play football, grateful for the day.  Grateful for living in the moment.

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