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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 20

Rush, rush, rush.
Pick up the phone,
Answer an email
Can you...
Would you..
I need...
I want...
Why can't you..
Why won't you...
Phone ringing
Emails dinging
Instant messages
Time out
Take a breath.
Okay right back at it..
Five o'clock...five thirty..
Pack it up.
Yep, the computer comes home
Yep I will check it tomorrow
Yep I will make sure to be on top of things over the weekend.
But the blessed silence of knowing it will be on my time, my way.
I am grateful for my job and all it provides for us.
I enjoy the people I work with, both at the office and those out in the field.
I work hard...sometimes forget to play just as hard.
But today, as I walk out of the building, I am grateful for a five day weekend...

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