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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 19

I am really not so good at these every day posts...
but this one is special.
My best friend's dad is an amazing person...
He was the only other one that I have ever called dad..
There were lots of other "moms" but only one other dad.
He was always that other person that we could go to..
He would laugh with us..
Pick us up from the movies and make sure that none of the guys were "making moves".
He would come down and listen to us giggle and refer to us as young ladies..
He also has Parkinson's.
He's been sick as long as I have known Stef..
He has gotten progressively worse as is the disease that steals his ability to control his movements.
Yesterday, he underwent a surgery.
A brain surgery that attached leads to parts of his brain and will lead to a decrease in his shaking and rigidity.
Scary surgery, but something he was looking forward to..
He's doing well, he will go in for more surgery next week to attach the stimulators.
Last night, when I talked with Stefanie, he was seeing a decrease in the shaking already and was very positive about the outcome.
Medical progress and treatments that are being used today are amazing.
To think that this man, that I admire and love very much, will be able to move without shaking, eat noodles without them falling off a spoon and be able to move more freely makes me grateful for all the medical advances today..

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