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Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 23

black friday...
A day when many were out in the stores...
A day when TV's were fought over,
the hottest toys pulled off the shelf,
people got mad at others for taking their parking space,
there were deals to be had and many people who went out to get them.
Not us.
We stayed snuggled in bed until the perfectly reasonable hour of 7:30am, when two munchkins stood at the doorway and asked if we were every going to get up.
We played games,
stayed in comfy clothes,
and we laughed.
A lot.
We enjoyed the beautiful weather and just hung out.
Basketball, pig, football.
On that day, I was grateful for unseasonably warm weather that allowed us all to burn off the meal that we had eaten the day before and enjoy just hanging out.
We may have missed out on a deal or two at the stores,
but the day was full of laughter, smiles and lots of love.

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