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Friday, April 1, 2011


We are in Boston- we got in last night and spent the day today at the Aquarium.  I had never been so I needed to go and see what it was all about and it was the perfect rain/snow day activity.
Actually it was kinda lame...it was expensive...and very limited as to what they had for animals....they have a great penguin exhibit...but that's about it...a big tank and then just a bunch of new england fish...pretty low key...but I spent the day with my hubby so that was nice...
I am procrastinating.  I have a paper due on Monday that I really need to get done before we leave tomorrow.  I have started it so I guess that's a step in the right direction.
In approximately 12 hours we will be checking at the airport and getting ready to leave for sunny mexico...I can't wait...
We are both in desperate need of this trip so it will  be good to get away, recharge and relax.
Hope that all of your moves, jobs, trip etc have gone well...and that you have all enjoyed your April Fools Day.  Since I will flying over a lot of the country tomorrow I will be sure to send out smiles and hugs the whole way....maybe you all will feel them even better if they are coming from an airplane!


  1. You two have had such a rough winter I am so glad you will finally get a warm break for a while. Make sure and take some great pictures so we can enjoy it along with you. Don't forget to have a drink for me whenever you can.

  2. I thought about you yesterday and sent many good thoughts that you got on your plane and headed to Mexico [missing the snow]

    Hope you have a fabulous time! :D

  3. have a great time and gla you made it there safely

  4. Safe journey and happy days in Mexico - you lucky girl! But I have to say that you so deserve it! We will all be waiting for you when you get back and, hopefully, you will be all refreshed and relaxed. Take care.

  5. Have a great time in Mexico......

    Aquariums are often like that I have been to a few some a great others are not so much.