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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday's List

things to smile about this week

  1. The snow pile is almost gone.  there is one shovel full left on the grass and I should just throw it into the driveway to melt but I won't because I put the shovel away already.  Still chilly out but at least the snow is almost gone.
  2. I had a flower come up last week.  It is purple and something that someone planted (not me probably my aunt).  I was late leaving for work one day because I had to go look at it and make sure it was actually a flower and not a piece of plastic
  3. I have walls in my bathroom.  That's very exciting
  4. I am almost at my monthly card goal with a whole week left.
  5. I have a weekend that there won't be anyone in my house (in theory).  It's Easter weekend so the inlaws are staying at home.  We will get the bathroom mudded, sanded and hopefully painted this weekend.
  6. I will be able to sleep in on Saturday morning....I may take Nyquil to help me with that one Friday night.  I am exhausted and looking forward to not having to get up at a specific time
  7. The party is only three weeks away...I am psyched to see friends and family I haven't seen in a while
  8. My dearest hubby brought home a birthday cake and two cards on Tuesday because he forgot to bring them home on Sunday.  He seriously hasn't bought me a card in two years so this was very exciting to me
  9. Only eight more weeks of school!! YAY!!! (you are all going to see a countdown with this because I seriously cannot wait to be finished right now)
I have nothing else for this week.  It's been a long one and I am grateful that it is almost over.  What has made you all smile this week?  Hopefully, there have been a lot of smiles and lots of good stuff going on in your corners of the world.  Going to go crawl into bed and snuggle with my hubby....hope you are all well....


  1. Walls in the bathroom always a plus no snow also a plus unless you love snow a quite weekend without visitors the best......I say this as I think about what time to go to be sisters place for the night. Although I have a headache and my daughter is nagging me to change a shity nappy.

  2. what a great list i like the idea od sleeping in.

  3. reading your post made me smile, we are in the throes of reconstruction on our house, barn and creative space/guest house, Nyquil sounds like a good plan, I may dose myself tonight!

  4. Bathroom Walls!! ::happydance::

    Have a good night's sleep.

  5. I feel your pain girl and rejoice with you that the end is in sight for you. I do hope you get the rest you so desparatly need. Hang in there my friend.

  6. Walls in your bathroom - YAY! Please pop over to my Blog, as there is something waiting there for you!!! Hope you have a super Easter weekend.