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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday's list

There's no place like home....there's no place like home.....

unless it's Mexico with a drink in one hand, sitting on the beach or by the pool in the eighty five degree weather in the sun...


Okay enough of that...
Work has been crazy....trying to get caught up, but feel like every time I start to fill in the hole that has been dug, I am just making it harder for me to avoid the other ones all around me..
But..smiles this week..
It's nice to be missed...and to have people tell you that..
I am halfway through my second to last class!!! YAY!!
My father in law is coming this weekend....I might have a working bathroom downstairs after this weekend...
I have to work on Monday even though the inlaws will be here cause there's some bizarre holiday on Monday that means they don't have to work (Patriot's Day is the holiday BTW)
My cats have been super snuggle all week....I think they are afraid that we are going to leave them again.
The sun was out today.....all day long...it was nice in the quick fifteen minute break that I got to take
I will feel very accomplished once I get everything caught up.

I have missed you guys....I have been reading when I have a few minutes but rarely commenting....I smile when I see something going well for you and it does appear that much of the blog world is really positive right now....that makes me happy...happy to know that you have settled into new houses or are feeling good about packing to get into new houses....that you are posting yummy recipes that are complete with all the wonderfully fresh veggies and such that is going to start to come up....that you are going away on holiday or have family in town....it makes me happy to think that there are people that I care about who have been to hell and back lately who are doing better....
That's all I got for today....I am going to go take a nice long hot shower and crawl into bed with my sleeping husband and be thankful that tomorrow is finally friday....wishing you all sweet dreams, happy Friday and as always sending good thoughts, positive vibes and lots of smiles across the universe to you all!


  1. Hope you get a working bathroom downstairs, we only have one bathroom and there are many times when I wish we had another one.

    My Friday has been busy as it is always is on Fridays it is my main shopping day.

    I hope you have an amazing weekend.

  2. now you have me dreaming of cocktails and beaches again.... always lovely to see you on my blog list. Dont stress about the catch up of blogs, it can do your head in.
    Have a great weekend

  3. have a great weekend and no worries you'll catch up when you can.


  4. Happy things are going well for you and like our buddy Mynx said, don't worry about catching up, we are just happy to have you here any time you get a chance so take your time and just be happy.

  5. You are a sweetheart! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs

  6. Happy weekend! I hope your able to get caught up! I know the feeling :)