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Thursday, March 31, 2011

not soon enough

It's late...and I am sleepy but I need to finish packing so once again, being the queen of procrastination I am writing a blog post.
We leave for Mexico in 56 hours and 18 minutes....I seriously can't wait to get out of here...
HOWEVER...we are getting more snow.
That's right, that nor'easter that's coming up the coast is aimed right at us.  Weather forecast is saying that we will get anywhere from 6-13 inches of snow tomorrow night into Friday...so I am packing tonight so that we can head down to Boston tomorrow after work instead of on Friday..which pushed all my time frames up by 24 hours...so it's been a bit crazy today....but in the end..sipping margarita's on the beach is totally worth it..
I didn't get the job :(
I am disappointed but got some really positive feedback, which is good...and face time with some people who I wouldn't have gotten if I didn't have the opportunity to interview so that's good..
Today's smile?  My homework is done for tomorrow night..so that's good.
I am going to appreciate this vacation more than I ever thought possible so that's a good thing..
My hubby managed to get the whole house cleaned before I got home from work...huge plus!!
I have to go wax my legs now...ouch but totally worth it..
and finish packing..
hugs to you all....hope all is going well.


  1. Sorry you didn't get the job Col, but glad you're keeping positive about it. It obviously wasn't meant to be. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, even though we might not know what that reason is at the time! Eeek! having to bring your plans forward by 24 hours is always a bit of a bummer, but how lovely that hubby had cleaned the housE. Brilliant! Well done that man. HaVE A wonderful break and we shall look forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Don't forget to have a Margharita for me!!

  2. How exciting! Mexico. Everyone is jealous, I betcha'! :) That is wonderful.

    As for waxing - you are a braver woman then I. I had my eyebrows waxed ONE time - never again. And the thought of doing a surface as long as my legs make me ::shudder::. heehee. I'll stick with the cream. :)

    Have a wonderful trip and bring back lots of stories and smiles.

  3. Well girl if I was about to leave snow and head for the warm beaches of Mexico I would be in a positive mood as well. Wish you could have gotten the job but there is always next time. I know you are already planning to drink for Thisisme but I don't think you'll have any trouble drinking for me as well. Make mine a double. Have fun.

  4. Have tons of fun in Mexico.......Enjoy!!!