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Saturday, April 16, 2011

And the renovations continue

Today was a day of back and forth and back and forth to the home improvement stores.
Hubby and my father in law were working on the bathroom...again....I think they got most of the plumbing done...pipes moved etc....spent the entire day without water...
My mother in law and I went shopping this morning and then were gophers for the afternoon...
I despise home improvement stores and am officially done with them for the weekend I hope...but at least it kept us busy...I am not good in home improvement stores, as someone often points out to me.  I like to walk in with my list, find the older gentleman who looks like he knows what he's talking about, show him my list and have him show me where everything is.  I like to look and pick things out and then normally hubby just makes it happy....it's not like that when I go by myself....If I pick out a light I have to remember the fifteen things that are necessary for it to work...and I just don't know what they all are....like the octagon shaped junction box that I didn't get for the light that apparently is not a fun thing to have to put up....these stores are one of the places in this world that make me feel like a stupid human being...and I don't like that....but I suppose we are all good at different things...this isn't mine to be good at..just to drive back and forth to until I get all the parts and pieces!
I am enjoying the peace and quiet right now...catching up on blogs and snuggling with the kitties....
Tomorrow we are having hubby's cousin, her husband and little girl over for dinner with my inlaws...so that will be good...making bbq brisket...which will be perfect for a rainy day...I do have to run out in the morning and pick up the rest of the stuff that I need to make it...it's a labor intensive recipe..but one of my favorites...
I am enjoying catching up with you all on your blogs....hope that the weekend is treating you well and is an productive, or unproductive, as you want it to be...


  1. I have no idea what a bbq brisket is or any other type of brisket could you tell me please I have heard the term mentioned on different TV shows and have always wonder what it was.

    I also hate hardware stores as I have no idea about anything in when it comes hardware or home improvements, I leave that to my husband although he doesn't know much either even though he thinks he does............I guess I just compare him to my dad who knows everything and there is nothing my dad can't fix.........

  2. Hopefully your time in home improvement stores is about over. Sounds like me in a women's apparal outlet. Don't want to go there. Well the south got slammed by tornados last night and we were lucky since the one that torn up Roanoke Rapids, NC just 5 miles up I95 came no where near us. We did have a fun time at Linda's Aunt Frances' B/D party yesterday & have plenty of pictures on my blog. Hope the meal & company are enjoyable today.

  3. Love a good brisket. Barbecued or pot roasted. Yummy. Glad things are moving forward for you. I sit in the car/truck when Bruce goes to Home Depot and read a book. I hate them. And then I cringe when he comes out with the receipt. It's definitely a man's store.

  4. Won't it be wonderful for you when all the renovations in your home are complete?! YAY! I agree, the DIY Stores are really a man thing, although I don't mind if they have a large Home Furnishing section that I can browse around! Hope all is well with you, Col.

  5. i also hate home improvement stores. but i do love bbq brisket! yum...