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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beware of crocs

I am obsessed with shoes.
I am not kidding I probably have at least 100 pairs of sandals.  
It drives my husband crazy when I come home with another pair of shoes.
As the spring starts to slowly warm up, there is one type of shoe that comes out of hiding that I seriously despise.  I have never hated a pair of shoes more than I hate these.
I hear all good things about them
They are so comfortable
They are so easy
They are perfect for working in the garden
They come in so many different colors.

I get it...and most of the time all of those (except the gardening one...i avoid that at all costs..but that's a different post) are enough reason for me to go out and buy a pair of shoes.  
But, at the risk of offending some who may wear them (and if that is the case, I am very very sorry) they are seriously about the ugliest shoes I have EVER seen
Honestly, they are the most hideously designed shoe I have ever seen.  They are designed to be used in the garden and they are plastic so they can be hosed off and cleaned easily.  I get it.
However, there is something about these shoes that make people think it is acceptable to wear all variety of colors together.  First of all, I have never seen a fluorescent orange shoe that I have liked, but put the color in a croc and everyone has them, especially when wearing pink. Okay, so maybe if you were out hunting in the middle of the woods and were wearing your hunters orange then the shoes would match- except they would get stuck in the mud that you would inevitably have to cross to track whatever animal you are looking for.
Lime green- another shoe color that is really not okay to wear with most articles of clothing.  My favorite pair of sandals were lime green- I wore them with two outfits- both were mostly while and they were these strappy things that unless you were really paying attention you wouldn't have noticed they were lime green- these shoes are like clodhoppers- no one can miss them.
To exhibit my extreme dislike of these shoes let me tell you a story.
My three year old nephew (hubby's sisters kid who I can't ever say no to) was in a store with us one day last summer.  He knows that all he has to do is bat his cute little eyes at Auntie and she will buy him whatever it is that he wants.   He wanted these:

I said no and picked out another pair.  He batted his eyes, begged, gave me kisses, and eventually through a huge fit because I said I wouldn't buy him the shoes.  My sister in law ended up getting them for him so that he would stop crying....and I still won't go anywhere with him if he has them on.  He is a cutie and knows that auntie won't take him out if he is wearing his "bob pants" shoes.

Now that spring has started to arrive and we are anticipating the new shoe season I just have one piece of advice:
Beware of the crocs.  They will sneak up on you and appear when you least expect them- often in bright neon (or even tie-dyed) colors that match nothing else an individual is wearing.


  1. I can say, I have never owned a pair nor had a desire to, but many people love them.

    Flip flops are my down fall, year round!

    I am strange about shoes, if I find one pair I like, I get two or three colors and wear them out.

    Boots are also a must have. One pair of ugly rubber boots for wet and snow times and one pair of Ariates for riding and working.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Yes they are truly ugly and I was given a pair by my aunt because she couldn't walk in them (sandal not the clog) so I figured I wear them for beach only. My God they are comfortable! So if they could just get them to be prettier, they'd have a double winner!

  3. I'm with you girl and will never own a pair.

  4. I agree they are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen and will not even try them on. I do love wearing my thongs during summer as I can not walk outside without shoes on and thongs and easy to slip on before going outside.

    When I told hubby last month I wanted money for a new pair of shoes he is like you have a pair of shoes and tell him I want nice dress shoes not joggers, thongs, or sandles but he doesn't get it and when I tell him he doesn't have to get it he just has to give me money to get the shoes he goes on and on about how little money we have but he had enough money to go and buy himself a $200 jacket sometime he can be such a tight ass with money.

  5. ha ha ha I am so with you on this. I hate them so so ugly! I love shoes and these are just ewwwwwwwwwwww! I was in a hospital with my son and the place was overrun with people wearing them and there was even a shop! I felt like my eyes were being assaulted lol

  6. lol! they are soooo ugly! i have a summer pair (blue) and a winter pair (pink - and lined for warmth). I don't wear them places. Home only. I wear the winter ones as "house shoes" in the winter.

  7. I love my crocs! Do I wear them in public? Occasionally. However I think they are the worst gardening shoes ever. Have you tried to stomp on a shovel with crocs on? You'll break your foot. Or work in freshly tilled soil?
    They fill up with dirt and your feet turn black.
    I love to wear mine around the yard playing with the dogs or just chilling but never to do anything serious! I have two pair and they are camo!